Thursday, August 13, 2009

Laugh at Cancer

Just another reason why I love my Mom. I don't know where she found these or how she came up with these but I got this in my email and thought I'd share it with you guys (My favorites are in bold):

"Hey Matt, honey, read this, it might cheer you up. Sure made me feel bits better. I love you and I'll see you at home.

You know you are a cancer parent when:

1) Kids with hair look kind of strange to you
2) You enjoy the drive at 3:00am to emergency because there aren't any other cars on the freeway
3) You can name all the equipment used on ER
4) You can dx the patients on ER before the Docs do
5) You hear a truck backing up and you think the IV is beeping

6) You are so proud when your baby finally gets hair!
7) You can maneuver a double pole with six boxes and a kid riding, on a tour of the hospital, and
8) make it back to the room before the low-battery alarm sounds and the kid has to pee

9) Your child's first word is a medical term
10) Your child's bedroom looks like a Toys R Us® store

11) You ask your CPA if bribe toys are tax deductible
12) You correct the doctors spelling on the chemo meds
13) You can read the doctors prescription word for word, and are asked to decipher it by the pharmacist
14) You get excited when there is a 15% off sale at the pharmacy
15) You have more meds in your cupboard than food

16) You can read your son's chart better than his nurse
17) None of the security guards on the pediatric floor ask for your ID anymore, and you're on
18) first-name basis with the operating room staff
19) Your child can easily pronounce "Neuroblastoma," "chemotherapy" and "coagulate," but has trouble pronouncing the state you live in
20) Your child uses Legos® to build "MRI" machines

21) A younger sibling identifies a nipple as "my port site"
22) Six months after treatment ends and the hair starts to grow back someone stops you in the grocery store and says, "I just love her haircut. Where did you get it done?"
23) When you send copies of this list to all your cancer-parent friends
24) You can reset the IV machines overnight, in your sleep, every 30 minutes without waking up once and still call it a good nights sleep!!!
25) Your kid wears out a pair of Nikes® pushing an IV pole around the hospital during BMT recovery

26) When you are thankful for steroids because there will not be turkey leftovers after the Thanksgiving meal
27) Your child is drinking a slurpee and looks at you with a big smile and says “ mmmhhmmm , mommy this taste like morphine!”
28) One of your kids looks at teddy bears on display and says” Mom, his pupils are dilated!”

29) One of your healthy kids says: “ Its not fair! I wanna be a cancer kid too!”

30) You really think this list is funny, when most normal people either don't get it or start to cry!

I love you sweetheart.

Maybe this makes me look like a bad person but really, I had a good laugh about it. Afterall, I laugh about my SCI why can't I laugh at Sean's cancer, right? :D


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