Saturday, August 15, 2009

Knuckles Tip #6- Hotel Life

Tip #6
For Adults/older teens: Hotel life
For kids/younger teens: "CAN WE CALL ROOM SERVICE PLEASEEE"

Life in a Hotel

A lot of the times, when you get on post, they don't have a house for you yet so most likely, you'll be either living in hotel or inn or some place not home. There really isn't much to tell you, of course you haven't live in a hotel before.

Living in a hotel is a lot like living in a house, just your entire family is in a single room. Think of it as...a "vacation" sort of. Your hotel room will be cleaned and maintained by someone else, you don't have to cook. (unless your parents do cook then that's different) I know what you're thinking "AWESOME!" :D And yes it can be awesome but there are a few things to keep in mind:

1. There are people living on the other side of the wall. So even if you yell "quietly" they most likely can hear you.
2. There are things in the room that might cost your parents more money to stay in so keep a look out for tabs and read what they say!
3. The shows on the TV may be limited and some channels you have to pay for it. I wouldn't want to see my parents surprised look when they discover you ordered 10 movies from pay-per-view.
4. Even if someone else cleans the room for you, your parents are still the boss and still want you to clean your "room" or spot if you will, in the hotel room.
5. DON'T break anything! Cuz yes you'll have to pay for it.

So that's pretty much it, sounds simple right? Well it can be! :P

To the parents:

If your kids are younger, living in a hotel can be an adventure and it is! Let us explore a bit but still stay within the "rules" of the house. Hotel life can be fun so let's make it fun!

If your kids are young teen/teen: No comments. If you're anything like my parents, living in a same room with your teen can be hell. Kidding! Same rules applies basically just try to let us have our own "space" if you will? That's be just awesome :D

Until next time, hug your parents and tell them you love them and have fun staying in the hotel! Go play with the elevators, they can be fun.


Accessible showers

If you're a disabled traveler like me, I'm pretty sure you already know what needs to be done to ensure that you have a wheelchair accessible room. Here's the thing, be VERY SPECIFIC. Some hotels might tell you they have wheelchair accessible rooms but it might not suit your needs. Generally I'd ask if they have wheelchair accessible rooms and showers so I wouldn't have to transfer in and out of the tub. Just remember to be SPECIFIC you can never be too careful. Plus, it'd make life a lot more easier when you actually get your hotel room.


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