Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Had a busy day today. Drove back to post earlier this morning so I can "supervise" the movers that are moving our stuff back in the house. Wasn't nothing fun but needed to be done. It went well...only one box dropped and hopefully nothing too damaged. After the movers left and my Mom got home from work. I drove her out to the hotel they've been staying at and helped her move my parents' stuff back in the house. Dinner we went out to this nice Italian place, it was pretty good. My parents and I talked about what's going to happen within the next few days.

My parents are both going to take Wednesday and the rest of the week off so we can all drive up to the hospital and be with Sean before, after, and during the surgery. We'll be rotating the watch hours so Mom (who's now 27 weeks pregnant) can get the rest she needs, Dad can get some sleep that he deserves, and of course, I can get away from it all to finish up the summer work I have been put off for awhile.

After dinner, we went back to the house and managed to unpack a few boxes. Dad got the TV hooked up (no cable/internet yet) so while my parents are finishing up a movie. I thought I'd update on what's going on.

Funny today have been so eventful and busy, there was one person that I could not get my mind off of. Sean. Before I left the hospital, I told him why I needed to leave and that I would be back before his surgery. The look on his face was about to tear my heart apart. And throughout the day I'd be wondering what he was doing, how he was doing, and whether or not he's feeling well. (Or even if he's giving the nurses a hard time)

And right now, at 0040, my mind automatically went into a countdown mode. 32 more hours then Sean needs to be prepped for surgery. In my mind I can hear this and it's making me nervous. It's making me wonder about what's going to happen, what might happen. And all of it it's running through my head like a movie...

I think I'm more nervous than Sean is.
And in ways, that scares me.


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