Friday, August 14, 2009

Brat Blues

I think I'm taking Dad going away a bit harder than others this time...or maybe like other times, the first few days/weeks are always the hardest.

As I get on Skype to talk to my friends, I hear them talk about their parents, how much they hate their Dad for not letting them go to the party, how much they hate their Dad for bitching at them, how much they hate it when...and it went on and on...

I didn't say a word. I sat there and listened to every. single. one of their "complaints" and said nothing. As I'm planning my weekend (Mom and I are going to go to Home Depot to buy some paint and painting essentials so we can maybe start painting the nursery and knowing my Mom, we'll probably end up at some baby store collecting items for her wish-list) and listened to my friends "complain" about their Dad doing so and so, I wonder how the hell I am keeping the urge to NOT burst right in their face.

And somehow, I remember what my Dad said to me before "Many times, son, people say things without thinking. A lot of us are that way so, just got to pardon their speech, and move on with our lives. Sometimes, best words are not spoken."

Right Dad, can't forget that. But I couldn't help myself but comment on what they're saying, "It's the little things in life you wish you can do/say at an impossible time. Makes me wonder why not do/say it while you still can." And really, I think they just brushed it off or didn't get it.

If Dad was here, I would do twice as much.
If Dad was here, I would help out as many times as I can.
If Dad was here...

But can't stay in the "ifs" better start now. Though I do wish Dad was here, it'd make a lot of things easier, specially make Mom feel loads better, happier too.

I think this is part of the brat blues...
And boy does the blues hurt.


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