Thursday, August 27, 2009

Another Reflection on First Week of School

Well the last few days have been somewhat exciting. (In both a good and bad way)

Two days ago, early morning Tuesday, I was talking my Doberman, Dosh, out for her morning walk and bathroom break. Guess it was because of the early morning hours and the sun wasn't out but a driver never saw us while he was taking a turn.

Well I'm sure you guys can guess what happened. I'm fine, after a check up at the hospital, just sore and taking med meds, no biggie. (Biggest thing for me was probably missing school. Boy am I a bad kid or what missing school after only 4 days haha :P)

Aww look at her

Dosh on the other hand though, she wasn't so lucky. Her leg broke her leg in four places :( (But I am extremely thankful she's alive!) We brought her to the vet and she had surgery on Wednesday. She came through the surgery fine. (Thank you to the awesome docs over at the vet clinic!)

Mom picked her up and brought Dosh home earlier today. Wish you could see her face, that "YAY YOU'RE HOME AND I WANT TO KISS YOU BUT I CAN'T GET UP" face was just priceless. And I of course was glad to see her! Thanks to everyone who have been asking about Dosh and how she's doing. We're both tough so hey we'll pull through this fine! Plus, they say that chicks dig scars...I'm sure dogs dig scars too! Just look at this nice scar Dosh got! Bad ass! :D

Bad Ass Scar!

School's been going alright. Still getting used to the new school and everyone there. Guess it can't be THAT bad considering it is my last year here. But of course cherishing every bit of it as I go. (You know you're a true handicap when the first thing you see on a map are the accessible spots :P Yay for speeding down the ramp yelling "OUT OF THE WAY FRESHIE" lol :P ) My schedule is still a mess but hey less of a mess than before so I'm happy. Hopefully this schedule will set me straight for at least the rest of the semester so I can actually focus on more important stuff. (Like grades and college applications? Oh boy...applications... :( )

My schedule (as of Aug 27th):

1st Semester:
Honors German IV
Study Hall
AP Literature
AP Calculus
American Government

2nd Semester:
Honors German IV
Study Hall
AP Lit
AP Calc

So guess I can't complain about the schedule? Haha. Tennis is going quite well, didn't win my match today but hey it's a good thing. Now I know what I need to work on plus next two days will be full of tennis so no worries! :D (Our school was invited to another high school for a tennis tournament Friday and Saturday. Can't wait!- Can't wait for the missing school "legally" thing either, ha!)

On a side note, saw the NJROTC guys having their uniform inspection on Wednesday, sure reminds me of my old JROTC days. Which I might add, one kid's uniform was completely out of regulation, I had the biggest urge to roll up and yell at him but I didn't. I probably should have lol :P

Good Old JROTC
Good Old JROTC

Shout out to Michael, another JROTC nerd. Trust me man, if I see that kid's uniform like that again, I'd be sure to chew him out, ha! :D


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