Monday, August 17, 2009

I Am Twitter Old!

Right quick blog before I go off to the store and pick up my tennis chair and go off to start my first day at tennis practice! :D

Back when I first started Twitter, if you tell me I'd make it past 4,000 Tweets and 100 followers, I'd probably call you crazy. Truly though, I didn't like Twitter before I got started on it and was only going to give it a "two weeks trial" then delete the account. And you can see, I "brought" into the Twitter idea! :D

So today, after a couple months on Twitter, I am officially "Twitter" Old! Got myself over 4,000 tweets and 100 true followers! No spammers on my account! I think I'm doing pretty well! In just these short months I've made some amazing friends and gathered many amazing facts/news just through Twitter. So really, this account is a keeper!

Awesome Stats!

Thanks for everyone who followed me and became my extended military family. You guys rule and my account wouldn't have make it this far without you guys. You guys rule! :D

Right now off to pick up my tennis chair and off to practice!
Have a good day everyone and thanks again! :)


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