Saturday, August 29, 2009

Because tomorrow

We may not be born within the same family. We may not be born within the same year, or even the same decade. But we are all family and even with the distance between all of us, we all feel the same at times.

And with every military family, we all know that feeling. The feeling of missing someone, missing the little things they say, the things they do and more. The feeling like filling up a glass of water. Eventually, the water will over float and eventually what you manage to hold onto daily turns into tears, wishes, and screams.

I think this is one of those days. Every family out there is feeling the deployment blues. Every family is feeling the downs of deployment. Every little things you do seems impossible and waking up feels like torture.

When my Mom woke up late this morning, I knew it was one of those days for her. At the same time, I had a feeling everyone I know is going through the same thing. The day when Mom doesn't feel like anything. When she knows there are things to take care of at the office but will drive there just to get away, just to cry and hope tomorrow will be better.

Strangely when your civilian friends are wishing the best, they tend to make a fool out of themselves. The supposedly "care" turns into "pity", the "best wishes" turns into "stupidity" It is as if they just not care at all and it'll be better for all of us.

Mom left this morning with a sad look in her face and I know when she gets home, she'll head right into her room. As much as I wish I can make her and all my other friends feel better, I can't. Because everyone knows the best way to cure this is to bring their love ones home.

But that's not possible right now.

So we venture on, we keep on like we do every day. We do our best to give hugs and wishes to each other. We support each other when we all have our bad days. Because tomorrow just might be a better day. If not tomorrow maybe later, maybe next week. Whatever and whenever it's going to happen, things will be better.

Dad and other people deployed, know we're thinking of you and we miss you more than you might know. But not to worry about us, we're fine at home, watch your backs and keep your head down. We can't wait till you guys come home.


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