Saturday, October 31, 2009


First, I hope everyone had a happy and safe Halloween. :D

In my family, we ain't really big on candy. When I was younger, we would go out Trick or Treatin' but after I think I got to 5th grade, that just stopped. Since I'm not huge on candy, I guess I don't really have a huge lost in it.

I think as I grow older, the idea of getting candy is just not really huge anymore. Ya I may still dress up and go out to get candy, but really, I think the idea is all about hanging with friends. And though the MPs want to make sure that we older kids don't get in trouble, we still manage to find ways to mess up houses without getting in trouble.

Those were the days, thinking back to my first costume, I was only a kid dressing up in my Dad's BDU, I can't imagine me doing anything else. Just putting it that costume on made me believe I really was a soldier.

Crazy Times

Those were the times ain't it.

As I got older, we made it a family tradition to carve pumpkins. At first we weren't that good, using cut outs and other people's idea to go about our pumpkin carving fun. Then as years go on, we started to expand our designs to more than just the old fashion Jack-o'-lanterns.

Family Favorite

Even when Dad's gone during Halloween, Mom and I manage to get pumpkin carving to our own. I can still remember carving pumpkin at the hospital, Mom sneak in a small pumpkin so she and I could carve it together. (Needless to say I was too knock out from the meds to do anything. But still was fund memory)

This year, I invited some friends over. We sat around deciding on different things to do. A friend carved some Pokémons while another carved out his favorite college football team. I sat there and couldn't decide which one to do.

And it came to me like a whisper in the wind. I ended up decided on doing an Autobot. With a help of a friend, we managed to carve out a good looking Autobot right on the pumpkin. But with a slip, the top of the Autobot's head fell off.

Find where we went wrong

That did not make me happy at all. There was a reason I picked Autobot because Sean loved Transformers. It was in my mind to do something in his honor and memory. So needless to say I wasn't happy when it first broke.

But as the night went on, I guess it was ok. A lot of the kids that came to our house knew it was a Transformer and glad they loved it. After all, it's for 'em to see.

But as kids continue to knock on our door, every single one of 'em reminds me of Sean. The little costume, the little voice that barely whispers "Happy Halloween." and the smile when they get to pick out their own candy out of the basket. Every single one of 'em reminded me of Sean. Not sure if I should or how I can shake that feeling. I love it when I feel he's right next to me but at the same time, I ache for many different reasons.

Happy Halloween, buddy
I'll save some candy for you, kiddo.

Halloween Football! Winning team is in bold.
Army- Bye Week (Prepping for the game against AF!)
Maryland- Bye Week
Washington- Bye Week
Alabama- Bye Week

Ohio St v New Mexico St, 45-0

Virginia Military Institute v Charleston Southern, 31-21

Navy v Temple, 27-24
Texas A&M v Iowa State, 35-10
Texas Tech v Kansas, 42-21
Florida v Georgia, 41-17 Freaking awesome catch by Cooper!

Great Catch by Cooper!

Cal at Arizona St, 23-21
UMiami at Wake Forest, 28-27 Good win Hurricanes!
Michigan at Illinios, 38-13

Air Force at Colorado St, 34-16
UCLA at Oregon St, 26-19

Oklahoma v Kansas St, 42-30

LSU v Tulane, 42-0
USC at Oregon, 47-20 Really glad USC got their butt kicked. GO DUCKS!


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