Saturday, October 10, 2009

“No crying Cousin Matty, crying’s for babies!”

God I miss the kid.

He's fucking 5.
5 for Heaven's Sake.

Nothing make sense anymore.

I miss you bud, say hi to God for me. I guess right now you got the best seat in the world to look at football games, right. All the games you can watch and all the popcorn you can have. Go Navy, right?

I love you kiddo.

"No crying Cousin Matty, crying's for babies!"

You're right kiddo, I'm a big baby
God I miss you.

Cal- Bye Week
USC- Bye Week

Army v Vanderbilt, 16-13 (OT)
UCLA v. Oregon- 24-10
Texas A&M v Oklahoma State 36-31
Alabama vs Ole Miss, 22-3
Ohio St v Wisconsin, 31-13
Oklahoma v Baylor, 33-7
Navy at Rice, 63-14

Maryland at Wake Forest, 42-32

UMiami v Florida A&M, 48-16
Texas Tech v Kansas State, 66-14
Stanford at Oregon State, 38-28
Virginia Military Institute at Coastal Carolina, 20-6

Texas v Colorado, 38-14

Air Force v TCU, 20-17

Florida v LSU, 13-3
Michigan at Iowa, 30-28

Washington v Arizona, 36-33

Winning teams are in bold


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