Thursday, October 22, 2009

I Need a Freaking Smoke

I think it's hilarious, even at this time of the day, Dad find the way to smoke me out. And I don't even know where in the world he's at. Really, what the hell?!

Within this week or the next, Mom will have the baby and really they still don't know what to name it and I, again, have to lay here listening to Mom going through the list like different color paint swatches. If you've been reading, you know I'm sick, I'm laying in the hospital bed, bored, sick, fever, and so on.

And as if I can't feel any worse, got an one minute call from Dad. And like the Dad he is, he smoked me out. Not really sure for what because I was half out of it so I just answered "Yes, sir" throughout the phone. I think it was something about being sick and not watching out for myself and Mom. I don't know, don't really remember what he was talking about.

Anyways, I think in ways it's funny. My Dad, a SNCO whose been in the Army for years can smoke me out even when I don't know where he's at. Even when he probably can't get to a phone, he still somehow get one just to smoke me out. Even if it's for a minute.

Not sure how I feel about that but I guess like my Grandpa say it, "They yell and scream because they love you."

Guess he loves me. I love you too Dad. (Wonder if I can yell at him? Oh I wouldn't dare, haha) Boy, I can use a smoke right now.

Right now, for those who are wondering, I'm still out of it. But well enough to be awake, half out of it, talking to a friend on IM while watching Bones with her on Hulu. And well type this blog. So really thank you to everyone who have been wondering how I'm doing. I'm alive and out of it but hey, that's me, ain't it :P

Just hope I can get home soon!
Thanks again everyone. Hopefully Dad wouldn't smoke me out any time soon.


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