Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Car Birth?

I never get why people hate school so much. I think if everyone just take a look at school in general, they'll see how great it can really be.

True that I, at times hate school and wish to skip it but overall, I think I just like (and even love) school. There might be a good reason for it also. After I got hurt I missed months of school to spend the time in hospital and rehab. I couldn't wait to go back to school. And as I live out my SCI, there are times (like the most recent visit) I need to stay in the hospital and well, that means missing school. It might seem kind of cool to miss school at first, but trust me, staying at the hospital is no fun. On top of that, after awhile, you get sick of the nurses, no matter how hot they might be.

So, after being gone for two weeks, I was truly glad to be back at school again. Even with the amount of tests I have to make up, I'm just glad to be back.

Today, over all was a good day. Friends were glad to see me and I sure am glad to see 'em. It really is good to be back.

After school, there were few errands (more like many) I had to run for Mom. While doing that, for the strangest reason, I swear I heard Sean's voice. Again, I know I'm going nuts. I didn't think much of it, really, at this point I know I'm out of it with lack of sleep and so on.

I manage to make it to physical therapy on time today, good stuff! Sure is good to be back to some sort of a regular schedule. Sure tennis is fun but hey PT still is pretty awesome, haha. :P I thought PT went alright, but right now, considering how different I feel, ya I know I'm out of shape!

Better lose those lbs that the doctor wanted me to lose, haha.

I got an email from Sean's Dad when I got home. He told me he saw a kid that looks just like Sean when he went on patrol days ago. I didn't say much to him about it but truly, we're all trying to recover and in the same time remember in our own little ways. Even if everything reminds us of Sean, I think and really hope he's still with us (if not watch over us) doing what he does best, goofing off and just ball of energy (whether he's on meds or not!)

Mom's doing well (for those who have been asking) she really is ready to get this baby out of her. Me, at the same time, is getting really nervous just to get her to the hospital in time.

And like my Mom, she said, "Don't worry Matt, worse comes worse, we'll have a car birth!"

Great...a car birth...
Why not just call her Saab then?

Thanks Mom...thanks, way to make me more nervous than I was before.


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