Monday, October 26, 2009

Heads Up

I think being here for 2 weeks, I've notice something about the hospital on post and how different it can be to a civilian hospital. (Now I'm comparing this to the experience I had with civies hospitals, I know there are good ones out there, but this is just what I'm base on at the hospital and rehab after I got hurt)

Evans U.S. Army Hospital, 1997

1. Nurses/docs here care (or what seem like it) more than civies doc. They take time to talk to you. Not those awkward conversations and small talks but really talk to you.In other words, they can truly relation to everyone there in one way or another. They know what it's like to deploy, have family deploy, and so on.

2. Though the hospital building seem small and old, within the building is just amazing. Ya it's probably not the best technology out there but really, the Army hook you up with some cool rooms and well not to mention they got decent food out there. Food that I can actually see what it is.

3. Though naggy, the nurses are still pretty cool. Most of them , are fairly young and well enough to ask you about shows like House rather than some shows that's been off air for ages.

4. Some docs and nurses ain't afraid to joke around. They ain't scared to scare you just as a joke or for a nice laugh. Really, it's hilariously what they'll say to you just to either make you feel that much better or make your day better.

5. Unlike the hospital I stay at when I got hurt, these guys actually act like they love this job and that us, the patients, aren't just a chore that needs to be done.

Those are just for now, we'll see how long I stay here to find their flows (nagging, bothering, of course, the norm is given)

East Entrance of Evans U.S. Army Hospital, 2001

So, given the free time I got laying around, I get most of things done. Things as in homework and what not. Tests are mostly excused, bring home, or just done when I get back to school. As far as college goes, the list remains (Florida, Ohio State, Kentucky, Texas A&M, Maryland, Oklahoma, UMiami) and well lately I've been thinking a lot about my top 3 schools and as much as Florida/Miami sounds amazing, I think those two will be my last choices. (Took me long time to finally make up my mind about that because of how bad I want to play rugby for The Rattlers So I think the decision is now

1. Oklahoma
2. Oho State
3. Texas A&M/Kentucky
4. Maryland
5. Florida
6. UMiami

What I'm going to do also is look at places with cooler temperature (up north and maybe even in CO) and if that means I have to go with any of my back up majors, so be it. Really hoping I can stick with this major though.

For those who are wondering here are my planned majors in order:
Plan A: Kinesiology
Plan B: Criminology and History (Double Major or Majoring/Minoring)
Plan C: Sports Management/Medicine
Plan D: Economics and Finance (Double Major or Majoring/Minoring)
Plan E: Aerospace/Electrical/Mechanical Engineering (Just one Engineering, in that order of choice)

So all that should keep me busy for awhile, between that and school and so on.

For my online friends (TS people, Twitter, and others that I talk to online) this is a heads up that I'm going to be pretty busy with school, college stuff and of course, Mom's going to give birth soon to my little sister. So really, I'll still be online but just not as much. I'll try to update either my Twitter and/or blog as often as I can. So If I don't get online or you don't seem me around Twitter/TS/Blog or even online, don't worry, I'm good, I'm just busy.

If there is really something going on, you guys would eventually know. Whether it's good or bad. So really, please don't worry about me. I'll be fine, really :)


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