Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Punks. Homecoming. Tennis. Jostens!

Start off this blog with a small rant and then recent happenings.

What kind of people in the world think it's "cool" and "fun" to pick a fight with a kid in a wheelchair?! Well I don't know about you but I think we should give 'em all a name. $*%&#$%&#^%#*$*%$#%^

Right, if you're wondering what happened. It was after school, I stayed behind to back to my Government class and ask about the homework. Was on my way out to the parking long and well, guess 'em punks decided to pick a fight with me. I usually would of course run 'em over or punch 'em anyway I can but not this time. One kid managed to shove my chair from the back, probably hoping I would fall out but I got these seat/lap belts on my chair so I'm basically attached to the chair. Don't need to tell you what happened next, I'm pretty sure the kid was surprise I went with the chair too because took him a second before he started smack talking.

They tossed a couple kicks, punches then got me out of my chair just so they can "pick a fight" with me some more while some kid was zooming around in my chair. (Of which that pisses me off more because really, don't touch my chair) I didn't bother to try and do anything. There was no point in wasting my energy, plus, I'm going to need it to get back in my chair after they leave.

Base case of Mondays?

But before they complete their "task", like our NJROTC Chief was walking by and yelled at 'em. And like a bunch of cats they scrammed like there was no tomorrow. Chief was pretty awesome about everything after the punks ran off. He walked over and asked me if I was okay, asked me how to carry me back in my chair, (huge kudos to him, most people don't really ask and just toss me in the chair like a wet towel) and made sure I was alright before letting me take off. Thanks to him, my afternoon was a lot easier. (Can't imagine having to find my chair, somehow drag myself back to it and back in the chair then drive home, would have been my worse day)

To those who are panicking, don't I'm fine. Nothing huge, cuts and bruises but I'll be fine. Just a bad case of Monday is all I guess. Mom even told me to slap some meat on 'em bruises...sometimes, I wonder how old she really is for telling me to do that stuff.

But what's done it's done, moving on.

This week is Homecoming, strangely as that sound, I am not looking for a date and so far I don't have a date to the dance. I guess there are a lot of reasons behind why that is (one of which is being at a new school when I literally don't know anyone well enough to just ask 'em. Plus, to 'em I am just a strange random senior in a wheelchair, the chances of me getting asked out to the dance before Saturday, slim. But hey still hoping lol :P)

Of course for Homecoming Week we got spirit week and they are:

Monday: Traffic Signal day. Wear Green if you DON'T have a date, yellow if you don't know, or red if you already have a date to the dance. Thoughts on that, a lot of people were wearing green and few yellow/red. In ways it makes me nervous, it ways, well I really don't care. I did ask K if she wants to come to Homecoming with me, though. How silly of me to ask, even when I know she can't...still not sure why I asked, but I did.
Tuesday: PJ Day. Had a rough day Monday so hey good way to "not" get ready for school. I still think that PJ Day increase productivity, staff and administration don't agree with me, got to some how change that.
Wednesday: Mustache Day. I swear...this gives me a huge excuse not to shave the night before and in the morning. I'm not sure if I'm going through a Moses's phase or something but I go a day without shaving and my face just goes puff. Strange...
Thursday: Hippie Day. Not exactly sure what this mean...but I'm most likely not going to dress up. Somehow I have a feeling some kid (probably freshies) will be dumb enough to make a "fake" joint and get in trouble for it. Ha, I'd pay to see that one.
Friday: Hat/School Color Day. Well this should be easy enough. Not that I don't wear my Cowboy hat or some kind of hat on a daily basis but it'll most likely cheer me up with my Wrangler jeans and cowboy hat :)

And well the Homecoming game is this Friday with the dance on Saturday. Really though, some friends and myself decided it'd be even cooler to just party at someone's place. I tend to agree...our football team is 0-5 or 6? Bad record and it'd hurt worse to watch 'em play than just partying with my friends. But guess we'll see, there's still time before we have to buy our tickets so who knows. Mom's got the Girls' Night Out Thing this weekend, I'll just have a party at home lmao :P

Aside from Homecoming week, there's been a lot and I say A LOT of mandatory Senior Class Meeting these days. And somehow, they are all the same message over and over again. Tell us to be smart and doing something stupid will just make 'em lose their chance at graduating. I think we all heard that before, they really should start telling us something new.

Tennis season:
Last Saturday was our last match in the regular season last Saturday. I think we got really good team and we did a lot of good stuff (Swear I contributed nothing to this team, lol :P)

We as a team:
  • Took first place at the school's tournament. Champions at all three single spots and #2 doubles. Second place at #3 and #4 doubles
  • #3 doubles team finished 8th in the Pueblo South Tournament (features the top 10 teams from both 4A and 5A schools)
  • Won against Canon City (they supposedly lost to 'em last year)
  • Won against rival school, 5-2

And well regionals will start on Thursday and then it's state. Can't believe our school actually have a good chance to go to state! So we'll see what happens later on in the week.

A side note on school: I think every senior knows what the senior year means. The people at Jostens will be at schools to collect orders fo 'em caps, gowns, graduation announcements, and other stuff we probably don't need to spend but parents think it's "needed" but hey I guess more to it for 'em it is their money. (I am still trying to send out a proposal to my Mom about buying a class ring....we'll see what happens)

As for Sean, he had a rough night last night so Mom decided to take today off so she can stay with Sean for the night and then some. We are still waiting to hear back from Sean's parents so I won't go into details for now. According to Mom, we need loads of good thoughts/prayers for Sean and that's all I'll disclose for now.

Better head to class, long lunch period is over.
Have a good rest of your day.


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