Friday, July 3, 2009

Think of them. Pray for them. Thank them.

Starting off this blog with something nerdy. The "real" Independence Day was actually on the 2nd when the Second Continental Congress approve of the independence from England. And to those who believe that the Declaration was signed on the 4th, think again, it was actually signed by most of the delegates on the 2nd of August. Bet you didn't know that.

Now onto more serious stuff.

After reading my friend Tucker's blog, I can feel her pain, her anger, and even that antsy feeling. Just a couple days ago, if you didn't know, US troops were pulled out of major Iraqi cities. And all of the sudden, it seems like everyone is celebrating. All of the sudden, it feels like the civilian friends and people I meet online are asking me, "Does that mean the troops will be coming home?" And just like Tucker said, no it doesn't. So please, stop asking.

Right now, at this moment, there are family, friends, and more doing what they do and proud of what they do. I think a lot of the people out there need to step back and truly look at the big picture. Like years ago, when I tell people "My Dad's deployed" first thing they ask is, "Iraq?" The ignorance, sometimes angers me and pisses me off but sometimes make me laugh, how could people be so stupid. Step back and think, step back and acknowledge the troops fighting beyond Iraq and especially right now, with the new offensive to Afghanistan, think about the troops world wide.

As I finish up Tucker's blog, really I feel what she feel because that's what I used to feel just weeks ago. I know, that even though my Dad's home right now laughing and joking around with us, he could be gone the next minute and I would probably never know it. I know right now, there are parents wishing they can be with their children, husband wishing they could be with their wives, and so much more. Think of them when you see the fireworks this weekend and really think of them. That much you can do.

Late night last night, Sean woke up from a nightmare. He immediately climbed up on my lap, looked me sharply in the eyes and yelled. "Daddy's ok right right?!?" I have never heard him yell like that before. I have never seen him that serious before. And though I reassured him it was only a nightmare, it scares me. His action made me think of my uncle and the plenty of Marines/Soldiers going out on this offensive in Afghanistan. And all of the sudden, I feel helpless, scared, and everything all together.

The news scares me, the unknown scares me and even the report of that KIA soldier from 10th Mountain Division scares me. Every song I'm listening to on Pandora reminds me of our troops out there, every show on TV (even the Wiggles) reminds me of that KIA Marine. I pray for everyone's safety, the safety of my friends, my family, and every pair of boots out there.

Think of all of them this Independence Day. Keep them in your thoughts/prayers.

For the troops over the pond: Keep your head down. We are all thinking of you this 4th.

God Speed.
Good Luck and Good Huntin'


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