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Knuckles Tip #5 Part 2- Flying to your new post

Tip #5 Part 2
For Adults/older teens: Flying to your new Post
For kids/younger teens: "COOL! THOSE HOUSES LOOK LIKE ANTS!"


There WILL be chances that you and your parents will be flying to some post overseas like I did when my family and I moved to Germany, it's a huge difference compared to driving (of which I'm sure you know) but mostly it's the same. Well, sort of.

By now, I've come to believe that every family have a Monk. Meaning, there is always one (excuse my language here) anal person in the family. And yes, especially doing a PCS, you can tell who that person usually is. Between the "you need to go to bed now or else we'll miss our flight" and the "WE GOT TO GO! WE'RE GOING TO MISS OUR FLIGHT!" you can pretty much tell who is extremely anal and/or stress about this entire flying situation.

You're the kid, tell them to relax. (And if YOU'RE the anal person, chill out, alright?) Come on it's just flying...really, it's not that bad.

The important thing is to listen to your parents. Unless you are like me with more "knowledge" than your parents when it comes to flying, then listen to what they're telling you. Listen to what they got to say about what you can and can't pack on your carry on and when they tell you to "watch the bags, please" do so. Last thing you need at this point is miss your flight AND get your bag taken by the airport police simply because it was "unattended".

If you're parents got no idea what they're doing (which I'm sure they will, hopefully) then stay calm and take over for them. Grab your stuff and head on over to the check-in counter and give the person there your ticket information. They'll ask you some simple questions or even carry on a small conversation with you.

If there's nothing wrong (as in you missed your flight or they over-booked, then leave the talking to your parents.) then you're good to go, grab your ticket and go on over to the security check point. Which bring me to another point. Yes, we all know those security people can be stupid but they're just trying to do their job. Ever since 9-11 I don't think I need to tell you what the consequences are for "messing" around with the security. So act smart alright?

After the security check point, you're pretty much free to do what you want till the people tell you it's time to board the aircraft. Simple, right? Get in the plane, find your seat and buckle that seat-belt. And you're pretty much gold. :D

If it's your first time flying, it's ok, nothing to worry about. There are plenty of people on board you can either chat with or just read your book or something. Keep in mind the things that the flight attendant wants you to do and you'll be fine.

Just keep in mind because of the altitude, your ears might pop and if that's the case, ask your parents for tips on making you feel better. (What I do is hold my nose then blow through my mouth, you'll feel your ears pop and it'll make you feel better, trust me.)

And of course, if you do decide to take off your shoes, because of the temperature and pressure your shoes will "shrink" and it'll feel tighter when you try to put them on once you landed. Don't worry, your shoes just didn't shrink, just the temperature and pressure changes during flight is all. Just put your shoes on and it'll be all good after a couple minutes.

After you land, just grab everything you took on the plane with you, then get ready to go and pick up your luggage at the luggage claim. See that wasn't so bad, right? Now you just got to listen to your parents on where to go and so on. Not bad for a first timer! :D

To the parents:

If your kids are younger, flying can be both exciting and scary for us especially when we don't know why our ears feel strange and why the plane is moving up and down so much. Keep in mind the toys and games we like to play and use it as a diversion from all the changes during a flight. And of course, there's always a good time for cool lessons like how to pop your ears during an altitude.

If your kids are young teen/teen: By now we've probably done this a million times. So relax, put us in charge for once and just try and enjoy the flight. Things can go a lot smoother if you just let us check in and let us do all the work. Plus, flying is supposed to be relaxing, not crazy, right?

Until next time, hug your parents and tell them you love them and have a nice flight! Maybe if you ask nicely the captain might even let you peek in the cockpit, who knows? Or at least try and remember those call buttons are only for when you need something. Or when you want to check out that hot flight attendant, right? :D


If you're a disabled traveler like me or going to travel with someone who needs wheelchair to get around, it's pretty much the same. Only a few tips to remind you and watch this video for more. (I'd be glad to answer more questions if you have them)

1. At the check-in make sure you ask the person to tag your chair. It'll be a lot easier when your chair is right next to the plane once you've landed.
2. Ask if possible for an isle seat. It'll make a getting in/out of the seat before, during, and after the flight a whole lot easier.
3. Frisking at the security check point is ok! I know it's more fun to go through the security gate but the chair will set them off. I know, bummer.

And here's the video in more details:
Have a safe trip!

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