Monday, July 27, 2009

Is there a reason?

There's many times I've talked to others with SCI and they all say "Oh you're still a youngin'" meaning I'm still young at this whole SCI thing. Ya to some 3 years might be a long time to stay in a chair but compare to others that's been in their chair for 20+ years. I really am a youngin'

So it's not weird for me to still wonder, just sometimes, why me. Why football? How can something I love so dearly did so much damage.

Really it's not every day I think about shit like that. A lot of people say I'm an optimistic. I'm happy most of the time and laugh at things that people joke about. Even words like "Matt you're almost normal!" made me laugh. Even words people think are offensive like "at least I can still walk" I laugh. Because it's not offensive to me and actually quite a laughable matter.

But it's often times when others talk about their life and other matters that got me thinking. It's other people's situation that's got me thinking.

Couple hours ago, I had the chance to talk to my friend (let's call him J, don't really want to name actual names around here) over in the UK. First thing I noticed was his voice, a deep yet tired voice. Then he explained that he got in a car accident and was put on medications.


Then J told me about how it happened. He was racing and a guy came out of the corner. To avoid that car, he acted and end up crashing his car. He walked away fine with slipped disc and broken back and lay in this car for 2 whole hours.

So that got me to wonder. How is it that people who chose to participate in such activities so damn lucky. How is it that anyone, ANYONE, can lay in that car for whole 2 hours and still walk away to tell the tale.

Don't get me wrong, I'm glad J is alright and alive. But is that possible. How is it that football, with less danger than racing itself can put a young boy in a chair for life. While that car, that accident didn't?

And football was supposed to be "safer"
Is it?
I'm not sure...


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