Friday, July 3, 2009

Knuckles Tip #4- Moving Day

Hopefully by now, you're done packing. If not, why are you here reading this tip, go back. Oh a break...seeing what's next? Ah I see, fine then, read on.

Tip #4
For Adults/older teens: Moving Day Part 1
For kids/younger teens: Movers are here! Cool big truck!


Since your parents have decided to have movers help with this move, there really isn't anything much you can do other than try to do whatever your parents tell you at this point. If you did a good job packing, your boxes are labeled and the room is pretty much empty and clean.

So what now? While your parents are busy making sure the movers are doing everything they want them to do, try to help out your parents. There might be last minute errands they need you to run or things to do around the house. Or even watch your little siblings for awhile so they won't be a distraction. Really no matter what, do your best to stay out of the movers way.

Friendly movers!

Another thing, ya they're movers and strangers but they're there to help you, so really, try and be nice to them alright? It's ok to look or laugh or talk to them once awhile but remember their job is to put everything in the house onto those huge movers truck. They're people too, be nice to them don't taught them that much or maybe buy them some coffee or something, ice tea would be good too.

Key is to stay away and don't get in the way. If you get hit by the couch or something...don't blame it on them, it's your fault.

To the parents: Yes, you're probably going nuts watching the movers but remember we want to feel somewhat important so...give us a job or two eh? It'd be something to keep us occupied and not to mention staying out of your way.

If your kids are younger, encourage them to try and help with the little things like "help" watch the movers or even help you check off that long check list you have. Anything to make us feel important, remember, but as soon as we get that annoyed look on our eyes. Let us go play with our friends for awhile, come on, we're moving, loosen up.

If your kids are young teen/teen: We might seem annoyed and want to text our friends all day but it won't hurt have us to some things around the house. Just not too many things alright, that annoys a lot of us. And breathe, parents, it'll be alright, remember you got a teen in the house? Ha, yes you probably don't think that was funny. Really though, have us run errands or I don't know coffee, anything to get us in the car and away from the house and movers for awhile. Simple right?

Until next time, hug your parents and tell them you love them then get out of the way, there are movers moving in and out of the house constantly. Go watch your little siblings or something. run! You're parents will be thankful, hopefully.

Next tip: Knuckles Tip #4 Part 2- Moving Day Cont.


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