Sunday, July 5, 2009

Now THIS is what it's all about.

They said Independence Day is all about celebrating our country's independence, to enjoy our freedom and of course, spend time enjoying the food, beer/drinks, and fireworks. Some of us do more than hold the excitement of fireworks and the drool from the smell of burgers coming off the grill. We think about our family, siblings, and friends both past and present that make all this freedom possible.

So before I go on about my 4th of July, let's remember and think of all those who made of this all possible.

The men that stood up to well trained British troops despite others criticism for being "untrained".

The men who are willing to fight their own brothers just to stand up for what they believe in.

The men who are willing to fight for those oppressed by Spanish rule. So, they can feel the freedom we feel. So they can have the freedom they deserve.

The men who fought for what their country believe in, even if it's on foreign soil.

The men who stood weeks and even months in ankle deep trench waters so their wives, children, sisters, brothers, and more would be safe at home.

The men who remembered their brothers lost at sea and who believed in standing up for freedom and more.

The men who fought to keep the line of freedom strong and firm.

The men who fought along side their brothers. And when it seems like the whole country is against them, they stood by each other, in arms and hearts.

Those who stood in the sand and saw the smoke filled sky but stood their ground.

The men who hold their love ones close but their battle buddies closer. Who have no idea when they will be rescued but hold their faith above ground.

Those who set out to a country with heated weather to fight for what's right.

Those who fight but most of the time forgotten. We remember their strength and will to fight on.

And now, we remember and hold forever in our thoughts and prayers those that are on the new offensive. May they stay strong and safe.

Now, my 4th. I'm glad that Dad is home and hope that others will return home safely. Though our tradition is to sit around the backyard grilling, playing, and eventually watch the fireworks. This year, we got a different plan. Since Sean can not leave the hospital, my parents and I decided to bring the party to him. We sat around playing board games, watching movies, and even laugh at jokes. And it's as of it all were just right, Dad found out there's a Fourth of July Spectacular just short 4 miles away from the hospital. Another good thing was, it was sponsored by the Children's Hospital and from Sean's window, you could see it all.

So while we sat around with Chinese food (sneaked in by my parents, courtesy of the nurses pretending they didn't see a thing) we looked out the window for a "private" viewing of the fireworks. To see that look in Sean's eyes and hear the "cool!" coming out of his mouth, it's a good day indeed.

It was expected that Sean fell asleep before the fireworks end so the three of us went out to the garden and talked. I think we talked about anything from school to Sean to the new baby. And somehow, I couldn't remember last time the three of us sat down to talk and maybe when it happens next, there will be four of us. It was a plain 4th of July but it was also a great 4th of July. I couldn't ask for more.

If you guys can read this, Uncle Josh and Aunt Becca, Sean's doing ok, going strong like you both are. Be safe, say hi to the guys for us, and can't wait till you both come home.

P.S. If you can name which era the pictures are from, props to you!


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