Monday, July 6, 2009

They're Our Heroes.

I think...

Often times, we don't think enough. Often times people don't realize the words they say can majorly affect the people around them. Sometimes people don't realize things doesn't need to be said and people just know.

This is a rant and a personal opinion, I hope no one will get offended by it.

Living a life, you know people and things all die. You know that when it comes our time, people die. And being in the military, unfortunately it's one of those "occupational hazard" that comes with the job. Here's what I pisses me off. The people who repeatedly tell you how many troops died on what day. The people who repeatedly tell you what branch they're from and where the unit was.

Do they not consider the fact that some of us have deployed parents and family even friends over there? Do they not consider the worry, the thoughts and more that a simple "7 troops killed in Afghan" can do to the rest of us? Do they not realize how many hearts were stopped for that minute hoping and praying that it's not someone they know. Do they not realize that some of us don't get the news and hearing it on fucking Twitter isn't exactly a fun day at the beach.

That, pisses me off.

Yes it's true we should always remember the fallen, the ones that are willing to sacrifice their life so we at home can get the rights and freedom we all deserve. It's true that we should remember them but by repeating it, it does more harm, more hurt, and more worries than you think it does.

Maybe this is why I don't watch the news. To hear the people say it once and fucking forget it. To hear the people who say it once and move onto something else. But when it's right in your face, it fucking pisses you off and make you want to beat the shit out of someone. Maybe that's why I don't watch the news and try not to let Sean read what's going on Twitter. He may be 5 but he's smart and having him ask me, "Did Mommy or Daddy die?" that breaks my heart.

That brings me to another thing, the people who say they support our troops. They show it online, show it to others but deep inside they don't mean shit. The people that get on Twitter and type in a simple #militarymon or #honorvets and don't even think twice. It's just Monday and we'll just fucking copy and paste the hash mark and some name after it. The people who flood Twitter just to get their point across.

True honor, true support, comes from the heart. True support comes from simple task, saying that gets the message across. True support only need to be say once and it'll be remembered forever. Thank the people who served and who are serving, shake their hand, write a letter, say a true thank you and know it in your heart and thoughts.

It's like my grandfather always say, "You say enough 'sorry' then it's just another word. Don't use any word too often or else it loses its meaning." Think about what you're saying online and what you say in person. There's a major difference.

And fucking please think of the families that are truly suffering because they lost someone they love and know. Honor them through your hearts and don't advise them like they're an item.

Because they're not.
They're a person, they're our siblings, parents, children, friends.
They're our heroes.


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