Monday, July 13, 2009


Got to blog about tennis because really, I had a blast :D (Plus the Thai food I brought for dinner is still too hot lol)

Before I got hurt, I laughed at the sight of the tennis player. To me, somehow, it was one of those luxury sports like golf. The site of people wearing those short shorts playing tennis, cracks me up. So needless to say I never had the thought of playing tennis myself.

After I got hurt, looking at other people playing tennis, I still laugh. Really, who doesn't laugh at the short shorts. I've seen wheelchair tennis before I got hurt and always somehow thought you just have full hand function to play it. Needless to say I was wrong. There's a division just for quadriplegic players! (Of course still under the ITF and USTA- US Tennis Association) Boy did I get excited.

So I did research, I read about tennis and wheelchair tennis in general just to find that they belong under the same league! Standing tennis and wheelchair tennis are both under the International Tennis Foundation. (And only difference is the two bounces rule. Though many professionals only need one bounce!) Meaning that anything from US Open to French Open to Wimbledon have the same qualifications for both stand up and wheelchair players. (Of course same goes with USTA and more) Really, how many organizations out there have the "integrated" league?

By the time I finish reading ITF's wheelchair tennis section and finish watching some videos like this one on YouTube, I was in love. I had to try this out myself.

So I did. Considering I'm chilling with Sean for now, I found an open tennis every Monday just a 30 some minute drive away. Really, I'd drive hours just to try it out. So, I contacted the person in charge and he said if I bring in myself and some tennis balls on Mondays, he's be glad to introduce me to tennis.

And before I knew it, I was on the court. I was sitting in my own chair looking at other players play. Moments later I transferred into a tennis chair and strapped myself in one of these baby:

Ain't she something?

I have to say, the feeling was just amazing. To warm up I went around the court twice and boy the speed and movement of the chair was just amazing! Now since I'm a quadriplegic and have no grip in my hands. The volunteers there helped me taped my hand to the racket (similar to how Mr. David Wagner- US Paralympian- taped his hands to the racket) and I was on my way to become a tennis star!

Mr. David Wagner

Ok maybe not, since I'm new to all this, I just rallied back and forth to get the feel of the chair and the game. I even manage to try out a match (don't ask about the score, I just knew I lost, bad. HAHA!)

Overall, it was an awesome experience. Getting the wind in your face and hitting the tennis ball (like hitting a home-run LMAO!) was just awesome. I can most definitely do this more often.

So people out there with SCI or other forms of "disability" don't be afraid to try out different sports or activities to find your favorite. You won't regret it!

Next sport: Wheelchair Rugby and Sledge Hockey! HOOAH!


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