Saturday, July 4, 2009

Knuckles Tip #4 Part 2- Moving Day Cont.

Hopefully by now, you’re done packing. If not, why are you here reading this tip, go back. Oh a break…seeing what’s next? Ah I see, fine then, read on.

Tip #4 Part 2
For Adults/older teens: Moving Day Cont.
For kids/younger teens: Before the "Are we there yet?"


Since your parents have decided to tackle this move by themselves (the adults call it DITY/Personally Procured Move) that's going to mean a lot of time to either tone up on your muscles or make your arms and shoulders sore for the next day or more. In that case, remember, ice is your friend. Now, hopefully you did a fair job at packing, your boxes are labeled and the room is pretty much ready to go.

So what now? Listen to your parents, if you got a pair of arms (or a lap like me) most likely your parents will want you to help one way or another. Because like my Mom used to say "Those boxes don't move themselves!" but wouldn't that be great? So listen to your parents on which boxes needs to be in the U-Haul trucks and which needs to be going either along the ride with you or in the U-Haul later. They're your parents, think, by now they got enough experience to know how to pack things and which order would be important. So while they might be nagging at you to get the boxes and items out of the house, they know what they're doing, trust me.

So do the packing, listen to your parents and yes, it's ok to ask for breaks. But hey think about this, by the time you're done with all this stuff, you can show off your guns to the ladies. (Or...not? haha)

To the parents: The typical move can be really stressful even though you probably don't want to show it to us. Let us help out a little or a lot, just not going nuts with the nagging and yelling, right?

If your kids are younger, let us help. The "oh that might be too heavy for you" might be true but even the simplest boxes can excite us, after all, it's our move right?

If your kids are young teen/teen: Like I said before, there's work done and a lot more can be done with less talk, right? Let us work our muscles and things will turn out fine, don't worry, no stress. It'll all be good. All good.

Until next time, hug your parents and tell them you love them then get moving, get the boxes in the truck means less yelling, nagging or whatever your parents do when they're stressed. Have fun gaining those muscles and remember, ice are your friends.

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