Sunday, September 27, 2009

What Is This?!

I'm sitting in SFO at the early hours of Sunday. Thought I'd do a rerun of my trip, guess you can say this is a part two of my earlier blog: "Congrats, you're an 'adult'!"

The flight out to California went extremely well. I couldn't ask for more from the United Airline flight attendants who were so accommodating of my needs. Got to the airport couple hours before, talk to 'em about isle seats and before I knew it, they tagged my chair and I was off moving towards to the gate. If you're a disabled traveler you probably already know that you can't go through the security gate like most people. So I went through the side and get frisked by the airport security. (Nothing big, just a simple pat down, so all good! :D)

Airports these days are extremely suited for those with disabilities. There are ramps set up almost everywhere and it is a lot easier to get around than other places. (Though you still get crazy people looking at you like you're going to rob 'em or something...if you want to know the staring stories, ask, I'll tell you :P ) As I sit by the gate and wait for boarding call, I was amazed at the art display all over the terminal. They sure got some nice art around the place!

Art at SFO

I was the first to board (flights are usually like this, first on the flight and last off), the flight attendant escorted me to the flight and showed me to my seat. I was fortunate enough to get a seat close to the exit and also in the isle seat. So really transferring into the seat from my chair wasn't bad at all :)

The flight to SFO was just as any other flight I've been on. Again, with SCI it is important to adjust your weight to prevent pressure sores but hey I don't need to tell you that :P

After I landed in San Francisco, good friend of mine, Bobby drove out to the airport to pick me up. (Glad someone volunteered to be my taxi for the two days I was in California) We stopped by IHOP for a good breakfast before heading to my hotel room.

IHOP in Foster City

Like I have said before in my previous blog, the manager at the Courtyard Marriott gave me a personal guarantee that I will be able to check into the hotel room by myself and at the same time, the room will be fit to my every needs. Well this manager sure kept his problem because my room was perfect :)

If you're wondering about the service, you can read it here

As much as I don't want to leave California and stay awhile to chill out with my friends, I had to get home. Mom's birthday is today! (Loads planned, more on that later) So I packed up my stuff and ready for the flight home.

K was nice enough to give me a ride to the airport so early in the morning. We talked about a couple things and promise each other to stay in touch.

The people at SFO were also extremely nice (though the staring continues...) I got to the airport and well look, got time to kill before boarding the flight.

And speaking of flight, it's time to board, shall continue this blog later on.

I'm now on the connection flight home, short flight (just under an hour) so I thought I continue. (Though there is this kid crying in the back of the plane, don't know what's the deal but starting to drive me nuts!) Connection flight, people will tell you is one of the most crazy things you have to deal with when you travel. Adds onto the stress of trying to catch your next flight when you're disabled. Luckily I talked to the crew and they were nice enough to ask the entire flight to wait until I get off the plane before they start moving towards the gate. I manage to get to the gate of my next flight with enough time for a couple tweets :P

I have to say, overall this entire process was amazing. Can't thank the people over at United for making the flights less stressful and of course, to the manager at the Courtyard Marriott, you're awesome :D

Guess the place!

Next stop, home and slowly reveal my evil plan for Mom's birthday dinner :D (If you are following me on Twitter, Mom asked if she can invite her her friends to the birthday dinner. I thought, "What is this, a kid's birthday at Chuck E Cheese's?!" She's lucky I love her because I said yes...)


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