Monday, September 28, 2009

Happy Birthday Mom

I wrote this late last night after coming home from dinner. I was so tired I forgot to publish it so here it is:

It is about 0015 early Monday morning, I REALLY should get to bed because it's a school night and considering what's been going on these last couple days, I am physically exhausted. But I can't sleep, don't know why but I just can't. Maybe it was the excitement left from Mom's birthday dinner or maybe it was something else but right now, sleep is not an option.

If you've been reading my blog or following me on Twitter, you'll know that today or I guess technically yesterday (Sunday, 27th of September) was Mom's birthday. When Dad's around, we would go out to dinner (or sometimes Dad cooks) and then head off to some special place that either my parents or I cherished this past year. We went to a lot of places, from a place up in the hills to the movies to somewhere on Post. Anywhere really, as long as it's some place we cherish/had fund memories of, we'll go there.

Nice plates

This year with Dad still gone and Mom pregnant with a baby sister, I thought I did something different. I knew what Mom wanted, the best gift in the world is to have Dad home. So the three, no four, the four of us can go out and enjoy a good birthday dinner together. But since Dad's away, I had the goal of doing the next best thing. To bring the girls of my life to a good restaurant, open presents, and have a good night keeping each other company.

So I settled with Benihana up in Denver. The drive was over an hour long but it was good. Mom and I talked a lot, about anything and everything too. We talked about the service, about school, college, Dad, my sister (My parents still haven't come up with a name yet, for those who are wondering...) and even Sean (I'll write more about Sean later on)

Food > Show. Food + Show!

As soon as we got to Benihana, Mom just smiled. She loves Japanese food and well Benihana is one of her favorites :) We've been to Benihana plenty of times to know the fancy tricks and what not but sitting next to us were a family of four. A lot like ours, parents and two children: boy and girl. Guess it's their first time because the kids wouldn't stop saying "wow" and "ah" throughout dinner. Mom looked extra happy for some reason, maybe she is thinking about the future of our family, the family of four.

Alaskan roll, freaking amazing!

After dinner, as we were about to leave, I asked Mom to wait. With the help of the people over at Benihana, they brought out some Tiramisu. Mom was so excited she couldn't stop smiling. (Mom's a fan of Tiramisu, ya I know after eating Japanese food, strange, but hey it is her birthday :P)

I never mentioned any gifts. And somehow, she looked disappointed. I smiled, I wanted her to be disappointed, why? Because that means she'd be more surprised. I went to ask for the check, the waitress went away and came back with the bill and brought along a nice PING Latitude Stand Bag completely with clubs for Mom. Boy was Mom happy. Even took her several minutes to find the golf balls and the shoes that came with this gift (as a set of course, she's huge on golf so I think I made a right choice on the gift :D Thanks again to my friend Brooke. Without her I would probably have ended up getting Mom some men's clubs or something. Thanks again Brooke!) Other than "wow" and "thank you, honey" she couldn't stop saying "I want to golf now!" I think she liked the gift :)

PING Latitude Stand Bag


Guess Mom didn't excepted anything else because while I was waiting waiting for the waitress to bring my card back, Mom was all ready to go, got her coat and everything. But when the waitress came back with my card, she sat right back down.

There was more gift than she expected.

If you follow me on Twitter, you'll know that roughly four days ago, I got a mystery package. I never ordered anything so it was quite a suspense opening it up. Turns out, it was a gift from Dad. Gift was wrapped with a note right outside of it that said:


It's a little something I brought for your Mother. Hope it gets there in time. Take care of yourself, your Mom and your baby sis.


So trust me when I say, I was just as eager as Mom to see what's inside. Inside was a necklace, a ring, an index card full of baby names, flowers made from what looks like napkins, and a talking picture frame.

Something like this was said,

I love you sweetheart and look, it's your birthday, I didn't forget. Sorry we aren't together right now but no matter where I am in the world, I am always thinking about you, our son, and our baby. I love you honey, hope you like the gift. Happy birthday.

She smiled then cried. I grabbed my stuff, the clubs and went out to the car and waited. It may be the hormones but really, I'm sure she just needed time alone. After we left Benihana, we went to visit Sean, read him a bed time story and started the drive home.

About half way into the drive home, I thought my pager went off, but it was Mom's phone. Still trying to wake up from her small nap, she said hi and nothing more. It was Dad. They didn't talk long, maybe a minute or two and Mom cried the rest of the way home. I'm pretty sure it was happy tears...I really hope so.

I love you Mom. Happy birthday.

Side note: Damn it, Dad. Always want to do better than me. Thanks for making her all teary, I'm the one that got the deal with the hormones. Really though, Dad if you can read this, thank you. For making Mom's birthday so amazing. Come home soon, we miss you. Plus...I can't deal with this hormone thing for much longer.


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