Saturday, September 5, 2009

Football: Love&Hate

Yesterday was an amazing day. As mentioned before I went to the Summer Chill Out Concert with Mom over at the Red Rocks. First off the place is amazing. The entire amphitheater is natural. When we got there it was already dark, didn't have a good look at it if it was still light out, but the place is still amazing. The concert was, well I'm speechless. I am a HUGE fan of Pat Green and hearing him playing Live was just something I dream of, let along looking right at him! Darius Rucker and Eli Young Band were also amazing Live. It really was a huge party and truly, I had loads of fun :D

Amazing :D

As much as I wish to go to the after concert party, Mom and I drove over to the hospital to see Sean. Since it is the long weekend (Mom's having a baby shower on Monday...expect me to be in my room ALL DAY) we thought it'd be a good idea to stay and hang with Sean before heading on home.

Early this morning, Sean woke up and nearly screamed "MATT" on top of his lungs. Boy was he excited to see us (or maybe he was excited by the gift I brought him. We had a good morning just hanging out and even watched football. (Mom's got news about Sean but said she'll tell me later. Hopefully it's good news)

Which brings me to a point, when I hear Sean yelling GO GO GO and when he raises his arms after a TD, I can't help but smile. Because really, that was me. It was me siting in front of the TV yelling out "GO" and "CATCH IT" and "TOUCHDOWN!"

Now I mentioned before it was going to be a long month ahead and really, it still is. Watching football still aches my heart. Watching every receiver make or miss a catch still aches my soul. But as much as football can bring me down, it sure can get my blood pumping.

And sitting here watching the Ohio State and Navy game I'm not going to lie, as much as I don't like the Navy, I envy those guys. I've been a student athlete, I know how hard it is to be on top of your game AND keep good grades. And watching these guys play, I realize they have so much more than people give them credit for. They play college ball, they are enrolled in one of the most elite schools in the world. Not to mention their pride in serving their country.

Ya I'm an Ohio State fan, ya I want the Buckeyes to win but really, every single time Navy makes a good play, I still clap and cheer for them. After all, us military service people got to stick with each other.

So, as much as watching football makes my heart ache. As much as I miss playing football, this is a love and hate relationship. And truly, I can't stop watching the game. After all, football sticks with you no matter how old you are.


Score Updates (Winning team is in bold):

Oregon at Boise State 19-8 (Sept 3rd)

Purdue vs. Toledo, 52-31
Navy at Ohio St, 31-27
Kentucky vs Miami, 42-0

Jacksonville St at Georgia Tech, 37-17
Robert Morris at Virginia Military Institute 14-13

Air Force vs. Nicholls State 72-0

Illinois vs Missouri 37-9
Western Michigan vs Michigan 31-7
USC vs San Jose State 56-3

New Mexico at Texas A&M, 41-6
Army at Eastern Michigan, 27-14
Oklahoma vs Brigham Young, 14-13
Texas Tech vs North Dakota, 38-13
Florida vs Charleston Southern, 62-3
Texas vs ULM, 59-20

Alabama vs Virginia Tech, 34-24
Cal vs Maryland, 52-13
LSU at Washington, 31-23

If you wish to know ALL the football scores, let me know, I'd be glad to put them up for you. I just put my teams up there for future references :D


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