Monday, September 7, 2009

Baby Wha?

Right here is pretty much an extension of what I've been wanting to ask for a long time. I knew about my Mom's baby shower for a long time. And as soon as I knew, first thing on my mind was how lucky Dad is that he isn't home. Second thing on my mind was WHAT THE HELL IS A BABY SHOWER!

And even with the explanation from Mom, I still don't know what it really is. Ya I know we get free stuff and what not but really...what is with all this baby games and what not. I told her the truth about me staying out of it and with a stare she said "You're a bad son." CAN YOU BLAME ME FOR THAT?!?

Anyways, Mom asked me to grill and make lunch for the guests. Ya I don't mind since I love grilling but truly, I didn't want to be part of the baby shower brigade. The laughing, the jokes, the women screaming, that really was something I can't (and won't) take. So I did my part, I grilled and got the ladies food and for the rest of the day I did my best to avoid the all the "action" in the living room and just hid in the backyard with Dosh.

Yum, steak!

The guests came around 1000 and it is now 1742 and they're still here. HOLY HELL THEY'RE STAYING FOR DINNER. I think this might be one of my worse nightmares, 15-20 some women all getting "happy" in the living room. Lord...

Dad, be glad you're not home. And I think she wants me to help her write Thank You cards later on. Someone save me...

Something that kept me sane all day: FOOTBALL!
Cincinnati at Rutgers, 47-15
Miami at Florida State, 38-34


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