Sunday, September 6, 2009

Little Monster

So after visiting Sean, I decided to take the 2 hour drive back home. (Just to get some homework started, you wouldn't believe the amount of homework I got assigned over this 3 day weekend) Since Mom and I drove only one car to the concert, earlier this morning I went back to the hospital to pick up Mom. (Yes she's having her baby shower tomorrow while me I'm still not getting this whole thing but I guess it's ok, I'm learning. Plus I'd be in my room all day anyways :P )

I got to the hospital, hung out with Sean for a bit (boy can he play Wii or what) and on the way home Mom told me the news. While she talked I started to wonder about this little monster inside Sean's head. Tumors, if you don't know, are like the annoying thing that just tends to not go away. As Dane Cook said it, it's like the annoying person at work that always tends to follow you even if you get a new job. Anyways, a month after Sean's surgery and with the treatments, guess who's back?

Ya the annoying little monster.

Not only it's annoying, it scares all of us. So according to the report, I quote: "This mass now measures approximately 1.5 cm transversely x 2.3 cm....extends medially...appears to be growing along the subarachnoid space in the left temporal region."

Tumor, the Little Monster

I never thought I'd hate the word "growing" so much. I just hope that with this treatment, Sean will be doing better every day. (Still admiring his laughs and smiles even when all this is going on. Good job buddy, way to go.) And with this stuff, life still goes on.

Just truly hope this little monster goes away soon.

Other news, I had a good time watching more than 12 hours of football yesterday. (As you can probably tell by the screen shot below) As much it sounds like I got no life, this is my life. I guess well the life I dream of. It's like what I wrote yesterday, football and I got a love and hate relationship going. Not sure if it's a healthy relationship but ya it's a love and hate thing.

Ya I know I'm nuts

Scores (winning team is in bold):

Grambling State vs South Carolina State, 34-31
Mississippi at Memphis, 45-14
Colorado State at Colorado, 23-17

And for those who are asking for concert pictures, Mom forgot the camera but knows someone who did took loads of pictures. So I'll share that with you guys as soon as she get them.


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