Saturday, September 26, 2009

Talk the Walk and Walk the Talk

It is about 2210 over here in California, just finished watching the last couple football games and well, mostly done with the packing. Got a couple more hours before I leave for the airport, ain't really tired so here goes a blog.

The service went well and the eulogy I wrote was, I guess, alright. Had people chuckling and laughing at points, guess it turned out ok. (I wrote something about laughing at funerals on Woofer. You can read it here. If you don't know what Woofer is, it's a Macroblogging site that looks just like Twitter. It's basically Twitter but you need to write AT LEAST 1400 characters. It's a pretty cool service, for when you just really need to write and then post it on Twitter. Also check out Squeaker, a Nanoblogging site. Let's you post something in EXACTLY 14 characters)

There were a lot of people there at the service. Most of them I didn't know until I was introduced. In fact, most people there that I knew all knew me before my accident. I think K and her family were the only one that really knew about my injury. So, ya you can probably guess it, majority of the discussions during the reception (I'm calling it that because it wasn't really a wake, we didn't go to their house after the funeral) was about me and the chair. To this day, I still find it strange. What's strange? People.

It tends to be older adults that points and talk about me at the same time. It tends to be older adults that gossip and talk about the chair behind my back (though quite loud, I can hear 'em talking all over the place). And it tends to be older adults that shushes younger kids to not mess with me simply because it's "rude" (they might as well say, "don't do that to the cripple man.") Why, well I still don't know.

Most of my friends were, to say the least, shocked. I don't blame 'em at all. Like a lot of 'em said, I was the "crazy kid who just wants to play football and join the Army, nothing else." There were loads of awkward silence (guess people just don't know what to say sometimes) but after I buffered the situation with jokes and funny things since the accident (and show 'em a couple wheelies) they were cool about it. Hopefully they are true friends that will continue to keep in touch despite this "news" about my injury. (Might sound silly to some of you but I did have "friends" that just weren't my friends anymore after they found out I got hurt. Whether it's fear or something, I don't know but it happens, I guess)

Skylawn Memorial Park

Anyways, overall the service was good. Loads of people there to comfort and be there for K and her family. K said it best, "It is during hardships of life we find out who our true family and friends are." I sure hope I did a good job being there for the family and being her friend. And for some reason, I have a feeling this friendship is going to last a life time.

I'll update more on the trip on the flight home. Tomorrow's Mom's birthday, got loads planned (won't tell until later on because I found out Mom reads my blog...) so stay tuned for that.

And...can't forget football! :)
Note: Winning teams are in bold

Ole Miss at South Carolina, 16-10

Michigan vs Indiana, 36-33
LSU at Mississippi State, 30-26

Air Force vs San Diego State, 26-14

Texas vs UTEP, 64-7

Cal at Oregon, 42-3
Ohio St vs Illinois, 30-0
Alabama vs Arkansas, 35-7
Maryland vs Rutgers, 34-13
Navy vs Western Kentucky, 38-22
Virginia Military Institute at Richmond, 33-28
Miami (FL) at Virginia Tech, 31-7

Florida at Kentucky, 41-7

Army at Iowa State, 31-10
Texas A&M vs UAB, 56-19

Washington at Stanford, 34-14

USC vs Washington State, 27-6
Texas Tech at Houston, 29-28

Side note: Crazy week for college football, SO many top schools lost! What the hell is going on?! Glad Navy and Air Force won though. Army was the only one that lost :( What the hell guys?!


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