Saturday, September 19, 2009


Wow so it's been 5 days since I wrote something and well, it's Saturday so you know what this means! FOOTBALLLLLLLLLLL :D

Quick recap on what happened during the last few days:

School have been going alright, just getting used to the senior year :) Loads of stuff going on with homework, college applications and so on so always busy there. My classes (German IV Honors, Study Hall, Calc AP, Finance, AP Literature, American Government ,and Psychology) are overall pretty good. Typical AP classes along with other college prep courses. Only thing I don't like is Finance. If you follow me on Twitter, you'd know that I have been tweeting about what's going on in that class. And truly, I'm not impressed.

Just recently we had a quiz on check writing. You heard me right, check writing. Is it just me or are these old skills that people should have attained long time ago? Or am I the only one that learned about banking, banking statements, online banking, balancing a checkbook, check writing, and more way before I got to high school?! (And yes, if you're wondering, I Aced it)

Tennis is going well and many thanks to the people who have been asking about the matches and so forth. I won some I lost some. Guess I can't complain when I'm just a noob at this game. You should hear my coach though, you can hear him yell "PUSH FASTER MATT" from yards away! :P

Outside of school:

Mom and I are doing fine with Dad still deployed. With the news of SFC Thornsbury, phone calls still keep us wondering while cars that drive by the house still keep us on the edge of our seats. But this is nothing new I guess, it's a deployment and Mom and I are doing what we can to get through it. No matter where Dad is, just hope he's doing well and staying safe.

Mom's doing well, she's now 33 weeks pregnant (and huge belly!) and with the recent baby shower, she's more excited than ever to have this "thing out of me!" Lately it seems like all she's been talking about is baby names. Guess she and Dad ever came up with a name before Dad deployed and me, well I got stuck listening to her asking rhetorical questions about which names are better and which sounds "cute". The nursery is turning out well. With people coming over today to finish the painting, Mom's extremely excited. (I am too in a way...since I get to watch football and they do the work. According to them I'll just "get in the way" so hey that's just fine with me :D )

Mom's Current "Bible"

Sean is also doing well. Though he is still under treatment and last scan of his brain doesn't look so good, he's still fighting strong. He loved the toys I brought him and said he can't wait to watch all the football games. "YAY NAVY" he said but hey we all know he meant to say "Army" :P

As for people who've been asking how I'm doing, as in me, myself, well...doing well I guess. Listening to music daily and doing what I do best. The date of my injury is coming close and though I try not to think about it, it's still constantly on my mind. (Of which I'm sure it's something I can't help with, it is my love and a love that shattered my heart) There has been some random thoughts in my head lately, not sure what's going on but hopefully for the good. Some things are still happening but I rather not say it here.

On a side note: On Friday I had the sudden urge to make a website. And I am currently going through loads and loads of CSS codes and ideas for the site. I'm not even sure if I'm going to officially launch it or not, guess I just feel like messing with codes. I'll let everyone know if I do decide to go through with this or it'll just be some eye candy on my computer.

Sneak Peak of the site :D

Thanks again for everyone's DMs/IMs/emails about how Sean, Mom, and myself are doing. Truly appreciate the thoughts and kind words. Loads of things happening within the next couple months, excited and nervous but hey it's life! (Still hoping that Dad will be home when Mom gives birth. For the obvious reason of course plus I'd like to keep my hand. Would hate to have Mom "kill" it by squeezing it too hard :P)

Now onto this week's football!
Note: Winning teams are in bold

Michigan vs East. Michigan, 45-17
Army vs Ball St, 24-17
Cal at Minnesota, 35-21
Ohio St at Toledo, 38-0

Alabama vs North Texas, 53-7

Florida vs Tennessee, 23-13
Maryland vs Middle Tennessee, 32-31
Oklahoma vs Tulsa, 45-0
USC at Washington, 16-13 HOLY COW!!!
Oregon vs Utah, 31-24

Navy at Pittsburgh, 27-14
Virginia Military Institute at James Madison, 44-16

Texas A&M vs Utah State, 38-30
LSU vs Louisiana-Lafayette, 31-3

Air Force at New Mexico, 37-13

Texas Tech at Texas, 34-24


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