Sunday, January 3, 2010


Howdy Folks! Sorry for the detour! Hope your trip out here wasn't too bumpy!

Well this is it guys, this is what you've all been waiting for I don't know how many months. This is the new and definitely only change that will ever happen to my blog. Trust me, I spend a lot of time transferring all my post from Blogger and boy it was hell! (Sorry for those readers who wishes for me to transfer their comments over. Unfortunately I wasn't able to do that so consider that all you guys awesome comments are in my hearts forever!)

Thank you again for all of you guys patients as I transferred everything over. Now there is only one last favor I ask of the readers. If you guys can update your BlogRoll and make sure you have the new link! (And if you ever forget, that's fine also, whoever clicks on the older blog just would need to go through a bit of a detour!)

Also as a reminder, what I did with the Blogroll over here is to transfer the old ones over here then added a few new blogs. If your blog is on here and would like to be taken off, please contact me. Likewise, if you like to be added to the blogroll, also contact me. Thanks!

So come on in and settle down in the new blog- Wheelin' Knuckles!