Sunday, January 31, 2010

Week of January 31st, 2010

Yesterday my iPod freaked out on me and all my songs from my iPod disappeared. Since I had to sell my old laptop to pay for my chair, I decided to store all my music online. Thank goodness I go ahead and did that or else I might have lost all my music yesterday.

Anyways, while putting the music BACK onto iTunes, I came across Tim McGraw's new Album titled Southern Voice and decided to have a listen.

I think a lot of us have wondered what happens when we die. Doesn't matter if you believe in God or Heaven, I think all of us will wonder what people do when we die. We all wonder if our friends would be the same and who would be at our own funeral. And well, Tim McGraw did a great job singing it in this song.

Join me this week and listen to Tim McGraw's If I Died Today. Do you ever wonder, "who I'd see, cryin' standin' over me. Who would just send their regards?"

I wonder about this all the time.
Who would cry over me?


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