Friday, January 29, 2010

For Friendship, Joy, and Happiness

Just a day after I posted My Purpose In Life I saw something that made me smile and thank God for the good things on Earth. It seems like whenever I turn around, I see anger in people. I see the fear and anger in everyone and that often leads to arguments, disagreements, and more.

Today, while buying lunch, I saw two people who were carrying a conversation as if they were long lost friends. What's so special about these two people? They knew little to no English. A woman, in her 30s, lived in the United States for 3 short years spoke Spanish and broken English. Another woman, in her 60s, lived in the States for only 4 years, spoke Chinese and very broken English. Yet, with the little English they knew, they helped each other order lunch and talked as if they knew each other since way back when.

I wish I had a camera to take a picture of these two woman because truly, that would be an amazing picture. I also couldn't help but smile when I heard these two woman try to talk to each other. Not because it's funny but because of how great people can be if we just forget our differences and use our similarities for something greater. For friendship, joy, and happiness.

That sure made my day bits better and sure reminded me of George Strait's I Saw God Today

I guess the Human Race ain't that bad after all.


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