Thursday, January 28, 2010

My Purpose In Life

When I write, I don't usually touch base on subjects that might seems controversy and subjects that would start unnecessary arguments and debates. Thus, I tend to avoid writing about religion and politics.

But something happened that caught me off guard last week I feel I must share with those who are willing to read it.

As I have said on January 8th, I had a great talk with my friend's Dad (a Pastor at a local Presbyterian Church) about religion and the differences between all these different "kinds" of Christianity. I think ever since I got to middle school, I've been pondering about God, Christianity, and religion as a whole. Though I am baptized into a Catholic family, I wonder about other branches of Christianity and just how different they are from Catholic beliefs.

So after talking to Pastor S, this strange feeling came over me. It's not a bad feeling at all, it's the same feeling when you helped someone across the street or when you donated money anonymously to a much needed organization. It's a heart-warming feeling. And I got the same feeling after reading the materials that Pastor S gave me.

With my parents' permission, I went to Church with my friends for last couple Sundays. Before the sermon, there's Worship (basically the singing part if you don't know what Worship is) then small prayer before the Pastor start preaching. Truly, I didn't feel like he was preaching to me, I felt more as if he's talking to me and laughing about daily happenings with everyone else who attended Church. Why I have never felt that way when I go to Mass, I'm not truly sure.

Anyways, for the last two Sundays, the Pastor talked about idolatry. And at the end of last week's service, my friend's sister (a 4th grader) handed me a booklet with this small activity that she and the entire family was doing. On one paged was to list your idols. Here are some of mine (thought of it on the spot):

1. Football
2. Success
3. Jealousy
4. Money
5. New and cool Chairs

And on the other page was the question that stomped me.

"What did God made you for?"

And like that, it felt as if God was talking right to me. "What did I made you for?" A forth grader whom I hardly know put me in my place like no one ever did before. I stared at the question for a few moments before Pastor S said, "She's got you thinking on your toes, doesn't she?"

I answered, "Yes, sir. She sure did."

I truly didn't know what to write because I truly didn't know the answer. So finally I wrote down:

I don't know what God made me for nor do I know my purpose in life yet. But I sure hope I can find out soon.

I'm not a man who is huge on religion. But I do believe in God and what He has in store for all of us. And strangely enough, it is only on Sunday when I truly think about Sean, about death, and wonder why with every answer about religion there is more that follows. I wonder about His ways and what He made me for. And last Sunday, through a 4th grader, I think somehow God was trying to tell me something.

I'm not sure what He's trying to tell me. But I'm sure ready to listen.

Off topic: I've gotten a lot of emails/IMs/contacts asking about this "Nicole" character. If you must know, Nicole and I have been friends since I can remember. We grew up together and our Dads knew each other since WAY back when (not to call 'em old or anything...) How close is my family with Nicole's? Well, Nicole and her Mom wished me luck before the game that day. Nicole and her Mom was sitting next to my parents on the stands and they drove my parents to the hospital. So that should give you a hint how good of a family friend we are.

After the surprise visit from Nicole, I asked her to come to the Pat Green concert with me and I asked her out. So that's who this "Nicole" character is, guys.

Anyways, thanks to those who have been asking how the concert went with Nicole and how we are doing. Again, the concert was great, you can read more about it on the bottom of my last blog.

I'd also like to take this moment to thank all of my readers. You may not be following me through Google Profile, you may not be constantly leaving me comments, but I know there are a lot of you lurking in the shadows reading my every blog. There's no way of saying how thankful I am you guys' support.

Truly, thank you for reading.


USMCWIFE said...

hahahaha...awesomeness...and Nicole?? Good for you, I hope she is good enough for my twitter son!!

Julie the Army Wife said...

What a great post! It is so nice when we feel like God is talking to us like that.

Knuckles said...

Thanks, Mom she is good enough and more :)

Thanks Julie, it sure feels like He's talking to me, about what, I'm not sure and so on but am sure ready to listen.

Thanks for the comments guys!

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