Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Random Thoughts

If you haven't noticed, my random thoughts are rather...long...

That's what she said...

ANYWAYS! Moving on....

1. Sorry for those who are just so eager to see/read my new blog and read/see my other blog that I'm going to start. Life's been pretty crazy right now and...well the plan to release the reviews blog didn't happen when I wanted to. I'm setting a goal for myself to have the reviews blog up by the end of the month. And hopefully this blog will be transferred over to Blogspot by the end of February.

If that doesn't happen, go easy on me will ya? I got 2 concerts to go to within the next two weeks. Then I got colleges visits coming up in February and March. So hopefully this entire blog ordeal can be over before I actually get to college!

2. Last night, just before I went to bed I tweet something that was kind of long/general but at the same time, for my good friend Elizabeth. Now I'd like to share it with you guys. Hopefully, that someday everyone may experience life through death. (When did I become so..."strange" with words?! I can still remember how I used to write...scary thought to look back at my old work)

When I was younger, I often hated the fact I'm part of a military family. Not because of the moving, not because of making new friends, but I was constantly surrounded by death. By the time I was in elementary school, I went to more funerals and memorial service than I can count. I knew what other kids my age didn't know. I knew that death isn't just about that "farm in the sky" or the fact that someone is "sleeping now." I was surrounded by death and I never really enjoyed it, I never really liked the idea. And truly, I constantly wish that it's something that we as humans can avoid.

But now, I don't mind it as much. Maybe it's because I've grown. Maybe it's because I've experience more than just death itself. I've experienced life through death.

Seeing my friends and people around my age crushed by the death of a close family member or a dear friend hurts me and in turn wish that there was something I can do for 'em. But I can't, they must experience life through death also.

Ultimately, I'm glad I got to experience death so early in life. I'm glad that with deaths brought me knowledge, experience, and the will to live life to the fullest by challenging and questioning myself, constantly.

If I can have one wish and one wish in the world. Is to let everyone experience life through death. Then maybe, death wouldn't be so difficult to endure. Then maybe, people may realize that death is not the end but rather, a beginning.

Take care of yourself, Elizabeth. And like I said to Sean, "It's never goodbye, it's only see you later."

3. For those who have been asking about my family and how Sarah is doing, all I can say is fine and ok. The drama earlier with my parents seem to have been put away (but hopefully it's completely solved)

Dad haven't been himself lately and I don't dare to ask. Maybe it's got to do with work, with Mom, Sarah, me, or other stress an adult got to handle. So, I leave that be. (Though we've had several good talks when we are outside smoking- strange how something so bad for you can also be great...)

Mom's been doing good (or great?) she spend the weekend in Las Vegas- LUCKY!- for the CES (Consumer Electronics Show) -DOUBLE LUCKY!- and just got back yesterday. I think she's still enjoy her maturity leave and the time with Sarah. She's going back to work soon though, so haha for her!

Sarah's doing great. Well as great as a sleeping, crying, eating, and pooping machine can be! Can't believe she's almost 2.5 months old! Sure felt like we just brought her home yesterday!

Dosh is doing fine. About a week after Sarah came home, I am convinced that Dosh no longer likes me. Or rather, have a new favorite pal, Sarah. (Dosh's been sleeping in the nursery ever since Sarah came home) Guess in a way I should be glad I got someone to look out for Sarah when I leave for college.

4. Picked up several books that looks pretty amazing. After I read 'em (I'm still currently reading "Cheating Death", by the way...) I'll be sure to do a review on 'em for you guys (the reviews will be on the reviews blog...which, look over at thought #1 for more...) and if you read the book already and think they are just so horrible, I shouldn't even touch 'em, let me know!

The Books are:

D-Day by Antont Beevor
Valkyrie: An Insider's Account of the Plot to Kill Hitler by Hans Bernd Gisevius
Moment of Truth in Iraq by Michael Yon
None Left Behind: The 10th Mountain Division And the Triangle of Death by Charles W. Sasser
Little Brother by Cory Doctorow
From Baghdad to America: Life Lessons from a Dog Named Lava by Jay Kopelman- If you haven't read From Baghdad, With Love, you should! It's an amazing book! I'll be reading it again sometimes in the future (most likely before I read From Baghdad to America) and do a review on that also.
Shadow of the Sword: A Marine's Journey of War, Heroism, and Redemption by Jeremiah Workman

5. Got a surprise visit today at school from a good friend of mine whom I haven't seen since Freshman year. She's a brat also and with the PCSing and so on, we haven't seen each other for at least 3 years. (Nicole was one of my friends that truly stick around and helped me and my family out when I got hurt, she's a great person) It was sure a nice surprise to see her standing next to my car today when I got out of school.

Nicole and I talked and we did a lot of catching up on what's been happening for the last three years. Where each of us been, what we've been doing, and so on.

I told her my plans for college and she surprised me with "I enlisted". (She's the last person I'd thought who would enlist- her parents got a lot to do with it also) But she enlisted (31 Bravo) and shipping out soon.

I told her about Sarah and she hit me with a "I met her already, she looks just like you."

I said, "You look good." she answered with "You too and your chair does too."

I didn't want to talk about the chair or the accident but somehow she convinced me to. I think this is the first time I've ever talk so deeply about my injury with someone my age. And just as things get serious, she would make me smile about the crazy things we used to do.

We had an early dinner with Nicole and her family later on. It was great to connect with 'em and talking with 'em again. Sure hope we keep talking for a long time, hate to not being able to talk or keep in touch with such a good friend.

Overall, today's been a long day but it was a good day. A really good day.


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