Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Transition and Square One

Blog Going Under Construction!

This is a small heads up that there are going to be some changes around here.

1. Regular blogging (when I feel like it) will continue to be posted here on WordPress. Eventually the entire blog is going to be transferred to Blogger.

2. Before that transition can happen, I want to make sure I can make a petty sweet new blog as a tester. (Which will eventually turn into my personal website- if it turns out well, if not, it'll just continue to be a blog or many blogs)

So the picture perfect situation would be things turn out well and I have an entire website divided into sections for different blog/rantings of mine on top of other contents.

That probably won't happen so it'll most likely just different links to Blogspot for different blogs/rants (of course, they'll be links to 'em on the main blog- posts transferred from here)

If you're wondering what the tester is going to be about, it'll be of movies/products reviews and well, probably other reviews if I can think of more. But overall, it's going to be a reviews blog, and yes I already have a name for it. I'll most likely stick with the name but who knows I might change it.

3. More blogs/rants will be added, on the count that the website works, if not, well I probably won't have multiple blogs and just stick with my normal one and the reviews one.

If you have a website or a blog that you think it's pretty cool and would love to share how you put it up, please let me know. If you got any good ideas or suggestions, also let me know. Even if you think you're blog isn't cool looking at all, don't doubt yourself, if you're on my Blogroll to the right, you're already cool. So, please, I will take all the comments/suggestions/help I can get.

This isn't some small project I'm doing. This is going to be huge and most likely complicated project. In fact, my goal is to have the end-product so impressive, it's going to be good enough to pass this blog writing tradition onto further generations. So they too, can write about their thoughts and dreams and share it with the world.

So really, don't be shy on the comments (on here or catch me on Twitter), suggestions, and so forth, I will take all that you can dish out at me.

Thanks in advance.

Another thing to add that's got nothing to do with the previous announcement. I saw Avatar today, in 3D. I must say overall, I was glad the way they made it into a 3D movie, it wasn't obnoxious (in ways that it pops out in your face) so that made me some what happy about the way it was filmed. (There will be a more formal movie review later on over at Knuckles Reviews)

Avatar theatrical release poster

What made me think and got me wondering (I still am by the way, it's been almost 9 hours since I left the theater and I haven't stop thinking about it since and truth be told, it's making me depressed. But I can't stop thinking about it) about a lot of stuff.

The movie have many themes and truly if you think about it, it's like a layer of themes. Right off the bat someone can tell you there are two major things they can tell by watching this movie.

The last one...is something that no stranger on the street would thought of. The last theme can most likely come close to you if you know what it's like. If you seen the movie, you should know the few quotes that Jake Sully (the main character) said:

"Sooner or later, though, you always have to wake up."

"I don't know who I am anymore."

"Everything is backwards now, like out there is the true world and in here is the dream."

After watching Avatar, it's making me think and rather, I feel so connect to this movie on a personal level, it's making me hurt, a lot. And it's bringing back the conflicts I have put aside for years.

The number of times I wanted to fall asleep faster so I can dream of a world without my troubles. The number of times I wake up and getting slammed in the face with reality. It's a conflict...a major conflict.

Even with movies like Avatar that can capture my daily conflicts, it doesn't help me solve it. Because there is no Pandora and being an Avatar, is impossible.

"Sooner or later, though, you always have to wake up."

Waking up never seem so scary and pointless...

Am I back in Square One?
I think so...no...
I know so.


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