Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Knuckles Tip #3- Packing

Finish telling your friends yet? If you're extremely popular, have fun telling all of them or let the news travel. If you're boring like me and have few friends only, you're probably done by now and they are somewhat taking in the news.

Let it soak'll take time. Like my Grandpa once told me, "Matt, telling your friends you're moving is like washing out a tough grease stain, got to pour the soap on the grease and just let it sit for awhile, son. Trust me, it'll work out better and faster."

So...listen to wise grandpa (or don't) and let the news soak in, it'll be easier to handle later on.

Onwards to Tip #3
For Adults/older teens: Packing
For kids/younger teens: Dumping everything in a box and try to make it fit by sitting on it.


Listen to me trying to sound like some sort of a smart guy, but really guys it is an art. First off you got to make sure you get the right boxes. Then after that, make sure you got your trusty Sharpie- If you're reading this and have young kids, have them use a marker or something. I just read that somewhere in the US kids are getting high off of Sharpies...weird- and in the mindset to pack. (Or procrastinate it, that helps too but then you'll just either end up getting yelled at by your parents or have to sit on your packing box hoping everything will fit. I know I'm a procrastinator myself but really, think ahead, make it easier on yourself.)

If you're anything like me, you're a neat freak either by choice or your SNCO Dad made you into a neat freak. But either way, set a plan and try to stick with it. Think about what you have in your room right now and ask your parents how much room you can pack. Sometimes, sadly, you can't bring all the stuff you have right now. So you'll have to choose between the "I want to bring this" and "I need to bring this". (Even though I'm sure a lot of the things you're going to pack are going to be a "need" anyways)


So, take a look around your room right now. What do you see? Start from a small area like say your desk or a book shelve. Look at the things and think about if you're going to need it any time soon or not. If not, hey, put it down on the check list.

You're probably thinking "Who the hell still use a check list anymore?!?" Really, it can be helpful not only to keep track of your stuff when you are unpacking but at the same time, you get a good look of what you're packing and if you can shorten up the list if your parents are breathing down your neck about it.

If you're parents are anything like mine, they have a dead line for when you need to finish packing with everything labeled. So, after you've somewhat made a list, start packing away the things you might not need and somewhat try to make an effort to make that dead-line. Why? Cause believe it or not, there's a reason why they set those dead-lines, if something to go wrong (knock on wood) there will be time to recover. Last minute thing can get kind of crazy so, make it easier on your parents alright?

Now, onto the packing itself. Really, packing is an art. When you have the things you're going to pack, think of it as a game of Tetris. (Don't know what I'm talking about then go here to play the game, come on, you've never heard of Tetris, what are you a loser? Go here now and take a break from all this reading and packing stuff and play some Tetris) You want to try and make the space within the box disappear. Simple? It can be.

Label 'Em!

So use your head and see what you need to back and make it fit like the blocks on Tetris. When you're all done, you just might be surprised on how many things you put in there, how well it fits and you can closed it up with some tape without having to sit on it or your parents yelling at you on why it's so darn big.

Last, don't forget, grab your Sharpie/marker and either write your name all over it or write what's in the box. Trust me, it saves a lot of time when you're unpacking to know which box is actually yours and not your Great-great-great-great-grandma's "dishes" (I mean China-why the hell do they call it that anyways?!?) that your Mom have and will never use. And if you're really bored, draw the up arrow and color them or something, plus it'll tell the movers which side is up, see it's a win win situation.

Don't forget to tape it shut with mover's tape too. Best part about the sealing is listen to the mover's tape come off the roll. Holy cow it's awesome.

To the parents: Yes, your China passed own from your Great-great-great-grandma are important, but packing for us kids are important too. Hey it's our stuff don't try and tell us what to do about it. How much things can go in the box are fine but don't actually do the packing for us without physically doing it. Remember, it is OUR stuff.

If your kids are younger, I know it can be a bit crazy trying to tell them to fit everything nicely into a big box that looks more fun than any games they have. But trust me, remember that "we want to feel like we’re important" stuff I talked about? Ya we want to feel important, like we're all grown up. So let us toss things in the box, it gets things done right? Sort of...but you get what I'm saying

If your kids are young teen/teen: I don't know what else to say...less screaming and nagging = more packing? Get my drift? Good, ha.

Until next time, hug your parents and tell them you love them, grab the Sharpie and start writing. Go make a list of things you need and want or something.

Ya right…you and I both know it's more fun when you procrastinate.

P.S. If you are like me with Spinal Cord Injury or need to use a wheelchair for any reason, here's extra tip for you. When you pack, make sure you put the boxes on top of the bed or somewhere higher than the ground. Really, when the boxes are full, it's easier to pick them up from the bed than from the ground. Ok it's impossible, there I say it. So just a tiny tip and FYI.

Next tip: Knuckles Tip #4- Moving Day or Knuckles Tip #4 Part 2- Moving Day Cont.


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