Sunday, June 14, 2009

Ha, you're old...

Isn't it funny how age just comes sooner rather than later. Today marks the 234th birthday of US Army. Holy shit...Army's old and 234 ha, funny. Not really doing anything crazy today other than chilling out with Sean and watch a couple of G.I Joe with him and maybe a couple movies. For people who have asked about Sean, thank you. There are days he can bounce off the walls of his hospital room and there are days he will scream and cry from missing his parents to the pain from the tumors/chemo/radiation. Last couple days have been tough but right now, he's alright, still sick as a horse but good enough to say. "Matt, look puke looks like sand where Mommy and Daddy are. Cool!"

US Army 234th birthday

On another note, some professor from Rio left me a comment on my blog and completely made my day, it's amazing what one can say to make someone's day that much better. Thank you, professor, again, for the comment. It really made my day a lot better.

So, I don't really have in mind to write a lot other than mentioning Army's birthday today so signing off of here to chill out with Sean some more, maybe get started on the AP summer homework (ya right...), or actually start thinking about what to give Dad for Father's Day (currently no idea for a gift...none at all)

Oh and FYI for the people who are following Army Wives. I watched it with my Mom and she started going off on her rant (hormones I bet). I personally have no comments about it...I don't even know who half of these people are. But heyyyy that girl (what's her face...the base commander's daughter, Emmalin or something)...whoever plays her is looking finnnneee.

P.S. I looked up the girl...her name is Katelyn Pippy, she's 16. Ya ok I still think she's fine. Just give me a good reason to actually watch the show with Mom. Hope I don't get in trouble for this...


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