Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Knuckles Tip #1- PCS (Inspired by Tucker)

Before I start, I'm kind of running this as whatever comes up to my mind. So for those who are actually reading this and want a subject, let me know through comments, Twitter, message, whatever. It'd be a nice addition too, to know that people are actually reading (and maybe enjoying?) what I'm writing. Hmmm...this might be a good idea for a radio show thing...CRAZY IDEAS FLOWING more on it later.

Anyways...Tip #1
For Adults/older teens: PCS
For kids/younger teens:"What? PCS?!? What's that? Oh...we're moving...NOOOOOO. WHYYYYY. NOOOO. I'M STAYING. I DON'T CARE I'M STAYING. I'M NOT MOVING. NO!!!"


Ok that sounded more like my Dad's words when he got pissed at me one day but hell...why not cuz by now you've probably heard it more than once in your life. It sounds harsh but really...it's the truth.

We brats are born into a strange yet proud and amazing family. Since we are born, you probably know your immediate family and at the same time, you know family from people say your parents know or families on post. Now whether you want to admit it or not...they're family. They know how this life will be for you for the next 18+ years, they know what's going to happen, and believe it or not, they all want to help you as much as you can.

And while you may or may not like it, moving is just part of this life we got to get use to. And there's nothing I can say that's going to make you like/hate it less. Because that's just how it is, matter of fact, as I am typing this, tons of family is going through what you and I are going through. It's just part of life.

But breathe. We are actually pretty lucky. (Can't believe I said it but yes, we are.) Considering we got internet, social networks, emails, and not to mention blogs...ya you're fine, you can keep track of your friends via Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, or whatever. You can even email them or hey..."old fashion" snail mail. Think...if we were living the days only telegrams exist...ya you would probably go nuts. Think about how lucky we are that our messages to our friends isn't "I space miss space you end of sentence" or even ".. -- .. ... ... -.-- --- ..- " Right? Right. So really, you're not losing any friends, just not going to see them as often. OH WAIT there's something I'd like to call...WEB CAMS, there, problem solved.

As far as making friends...if you're reading this and a teen...by now you've master the art of making new friends. Right? So really...shouldn't be that hard. Everyone got their own method, and yours probably work better than mine. *SUGGESTION* Don't try to fit in, be yourself, seek people with same interest or even start/follow someone's conversation. "Hey I like your chair, it looks pretty cool." "Oh thanks, I got it from...." *END SUGGESTION* You get what I'm saying? Do your mojo on them or something...you can make friends, trust me.

Right...so now it's not sounding so bad. So stop reading, go to your parents' room and apologize for yelling at them and tell them why you said you don't want to move and that it's fine now. (Cuz it will be, trust me.) Really, it's not that bad, none at all. Remember, just part of life. You can do this, you've done it before, I've done it before and yes, you can. It's not that bad. Now get to it...go ask your parents if you can make a Facebook/MySpace or get a WebCam when you get wherever you're going. Just don't tell them you got that idea from me.

To the parents: One thing that got me through all the moves is definitely my Mom reassuring me it'd be fun and adventurous and that I can still contact my old friends.

If your kids are younger, turn it into a "game". Trust me, packing was a lot more fun when I got to do it myself. (I know what you're thinking....disaster waiting to happen...but really, it worked out ok when my Mom "watched" over my shoulder. HINT HINT But keep in mind we hate parents watching our every move..so just "watch" alright? We might be kids but we can still see you glaring at us by the door, yes you, I'm talking to you, ma'am. Don't do it, no, "watch" but not watch, please.)

If your kids are young teen/teen...you're on your own. KIDDING. You're the parent...you should know what to say to make this PCS as right as it can go for us. Say the right words can turn the frown upside down and make this move a lot more happier for everyone. My Mom's exact words when we moved to Ft. Carson years ago was "They got snowwwwwwwww!!!!" rather than "come on hon...you know we got to do this, we're a family." See the difference? Right. And even the "I'll let make a Facebook/MySpace so you can still talk to your friends!" can make it just that much better. Just remember, CHOOSE YOUR WORDS CAREFULLY!

Until next time, hug your parents and tell them you love them, grab some allowance and go down to the PX just to stand in front of the huge TV you wish you had and watch whatever they're showing. No don't do that...help with the shopping list of something...

Ya right...you and I both know the TV is way cooler.

Next tip: Knuckles Tip #2- Shock (Inspired by Tucker)


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