Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Damn time goes by fast...WHERE'S THE PAUSE BUTTON writing the amount of Knuckles Tips I think I'm finally settled down enough to actually write something in my blog. (If you don't know what I'm talking about then check here for Knuckles Tips. It's going to be a collection of tips that I've gathered either through life or from people. Who knows, maybe these tips might come in handy to someone someday.

Recent activities...where do I start.

Aside from the allergies and fever last night, everything is fine. We got X weeks till we move to Ft. X and with Dad back (hell yes!) things are a lot easier on Mom, which I am extremely glad. Well...considering she got this baby in her belly and then the moving part, ya, harsh on her.

Rewind back to what happened recently. I think I told you that Sean wasn't feeling well before and we had to send him to the hospital. So after school got out, my day is pretty much around this hospital and this X city. Nothing to complain about, as long as Sean is feeling somewhat ok, I'm good. Though he's too sick to leave the hospital, I think we came up with a plan for when we get to Ft. X so he can still feel like home even though he's staying in the hospital room all day long.

And Dad...well as mysterious as he left the house how many months ago, he just mysteriously came back. I woke up from a nap one day and saw this random dude with a beard looking right down at me. And he was the one telling me to shave...guess he got an excuse and I don't. Great to have Dad back though, this PCS and Mom's prego thing can go a lot smoother when there's actually a man that knows what he's doing.

Sean's doing ok, still a tough dude with crazy ambitions. Chemo and radiation have done a ton on his weight and looks but hey, his mind is still nuts like a 5 year old and even though he's sick most of the time. He still got his ways to lighten the situation up for all of us. I think that's the greatest thing about curiosity and innocence.

Aside from all this...when I was told we were moving awhile back, there were a lot on my mind and really, Airborne, my horse was one of the major ones. Airborne was a great horse before I got hurt and even after, he's still amazing. He's good with the chair and actually enjoy me riding him and taking walks. Even though I did what I can to convince my parents it'd be a good idea to take him to Ft. X with never was ok. My parents were right, "If you want to play rugby, school, and help out with Sean and not to mention the house work. You won't have time to ride Airborne. He'll miss you like crazy and hurt him, which I'm sure you don't want."

Sure going to miss this bad boy

Funny...parents know what to say for you to completely drop the subject. So, after talking to my grandparents, Airborne will be going to their ranch which he will have room to go crazy if he wants to. (He already did by the way, left yesterday with my grandparent) Which is good in a way, wouldn't want him to be shut inside all the time. I sure am going to miss him though.

Coming back to current's good, packing is crazy with so few weeks to go before the big move. And while my Dad can be strict sometimes, other times he's just nuts. He got back home, we talked, and out of nowhere, he told me he'll get me a new chair. Which, at this time, I am extremely excited about. The chair should be here today, so, I am extremely happy. I'll have pictures later but this is the chair picture on the webiste:

TiLite TR Rigid Chair. Titanium, it's bad ass.

One news that got nothing to do with me but got something to do with my parents. (Sort of got nothing to do with me...sort off...) My mom got her ultrasound today and looks like I'm going to have a sister pretty soon. (But not soon enough?) I'm kind of excited but like I said before...still nervous how all this will turn out. My Mom's already going nuts looking at names and planning the new house with the nursery and so on. It might be me but I think it's the hormones that's making her crazy, sad, and happy all at the same time. Not to mention the cravings she still got....

"She looks like a Sarah..." How original Dad...

Thank God Dad's home...he can deal with the food cravings drive while I chill out here with Sean.


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