Saturday, April 10, 2010

Week of April 4th, 2010

Two weeks after Mom passed away, I'm still in my own little bubble. In fact, I think Dad and I are both still in our own little bubble. Somehow we still think that Mom's away. Somehow, I'm thinking that Mom went on a "deployment" and will be back before we know it.

When we knew Mom got sick. I can still remember praying every night, asking God to make her feel better. Asking Him to never take Mom because we can't handle losing her. I guess you can say it's selfish thoughts and prayers but it's all I've been praying about. That Mom wouldn't leave for a long time.

I listen to country music because a lot of the songs connect to my life. And a lot of the songs make me think and answer the questions I have in life. And this no different.

Make no mistake, every prayer you pray,
Gets answered, even though,
Sometimes, the answer is no.

Join me this week and listen to Brad Paisley's No from his latest album American Saturday Night

My prayers were answered. The answer is just "No"
I love you Mama.


MommyTaco said...

first of all, i love this song.

one of the best things someone one "enlightened" me with was that God *ALWAYS* answers our prayers in one of three ways: yes, no, or not right now. it was not selfish of you at all to pray that He would make her feel better and that He wouldn't take her from you. maybe He did answer the first part with a yes... she does feel better now, i'm sure. the second part may be His clever way of showing you and your Dad that you CAN go on in your lives. she's not gone, you'll see her again and you can feel her with you even now. but oh the joyful reunion that will be when you DO get to see her! now go listen to track 15 on Mr Paisley's "5th Gear" album and feel encouraged. we love you and are praying for God's peace and comfort on your & your Dad's souls *hugs*

Julie the Army Wife said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your mom :(

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