Sunday, February 28, 2010

Week of February 28th, 2010

Last day of hanging out with Nicole before I head back home. I got about an hour or so before we need to head to the airport. Wasn't sure why, but, I couldn't sleep last night. Maybe it was because I got too much on my mind or maybe to me, if I don't sleep, Nicole and I can be together longer. (Even if she is asleep in her own room)

I must of passed out because I woke up at 0900 with Nicole laying next to me (staring at me if you will) and blaring this song. What a great way to wake up... I thought to myself. The fact that Nicole was laying next to me first thing I wake up made me smile. But the music choice she had to try and wake me up was...well, "interesting"

So, I guess, decide for yourself guys. This week's weekly tune is a techno band called Justice and their song DVNO

P.S. I'm pretty sure I'll have this song stuck in my head all day if not all week.


RP said...

Nice song Matt!
Hope you had a great time with Nicole :)
have a safe journey back home.
take care

Knuckles said...

Thanks, this song ain't bad :) I had a great weekend just spending time with Nicole and what not.

Hope your weekend was good also

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