Sunday, February 7, 2010

Challenges of 2nd Life

I think in this world...there are people that are either ignorant or just simply, stupid. They're not just simply stupid, they like to try and piss off the entire world just so they can be happy.

This is a "conversation" that I "had" with this user on TeenSpot

SethAsylum> I remember a while back that you weren't a Moderator, then I just saw you today and you're a Moderator and I'm like wtf?! so I look at your profile
SethAsylum> And you being in a wheelchair is probably one of the main reasons they made you a Moderator.
SethAsylum> They wanted to be "niiiiiiiiice"
SethAsylum> : )

By the time he said these three lines, I was already extremely pissed. But I tried my best to now show anger online, after all it is just the inter-web. Yet he continued...

SethAsylum> Cause that's what they do with people who are less fortunate
SethAsylum> We've all seen it.
SethAsylum> Well, you are in a wheelchair, that's unfortunate right?

and continued...

SethAsylum> You think I hate people who are in wheelchairs, knipe ?
SethAsylum> Apparently, it's not ok to explain my way of thinking.
SethAsylum> The truth hurts.
SethAsylum> I didn't mean anything by it, Knipe.

By the time he said this, I was about to go off on him. There was a lot of things I can say to convey what I was feeling at that time. But I just sat still read what he wrong and took it. As mad and as pissed of as I was, I had to remind myself that there are just people like that out there. And well, this is one of the challenges of having a 2nd chance at life. There WILL be stupid people like that and who doesn't see the wrong in what they believe in.

That's one of the challenges of living again I guess.
I just hope I don't ever have to meet one in person, I wouldn't have been so calm as I did earlier today.


Lovin Ma Soldier said...

I wrote a post last month about people being stupid, different topic but all the same in the end. (

People do not think before they speak. Plain and simple. My solution was to get even... shoot back with something that makes them think twice about hurtful comments. {hugs} :)

Knuckles said...

Thanks :D And thanks for sharing :)

RP said...

Never mind such people Matt,they are not worth wasting one's emotions on! I believe that People such as the ones mentioned in your write-up are too full of themselves, but then they forget that what goes around comes around..I am sure he/she will very soon REGRET having said such things...
You are an excellent human being, who is a loving son, brother, friend !
You rock \m/
take care and hope all is well in your family..

Ashleigh said...

Wow. Mad props to you Matt. I wouldn't have been able to be calm if somebody was talking like that to me. (I don't think I would have either if I saw that go down, tbh.) People are idiots. You shouldn't worry about what he said. 'Cause when you're working for Google and he's asking if you want fries with that, he'll realize what an idiot he is. :)

USMCWIFE said...

Well I applaud you for your tolerance. I have zero tolerance for idiots....

Knuckles said...

Thanks RP, that's exactly what I thought but trust me it wasn't easy holding it in.

Thanks Ashh, trust me I was about to go off on the dude, but I'm sure that was what he wanted so I did my best not to do that. Just stupid people on TS is all and I'm sure you know it all too well. Working for Google? Haha, it'd be a dream come true! :D

Thanks Mom.

Thanks for the comments guys! :D

HellcatBetty said...

That guy is what my husband would so kindly call a "fucktard." You're a better man for not flipping out on him.

Andrea said...

I agree with BettyBabe's hubby: a complete fucktard, and let me add "tosser" and "pratt" and "ignorant doodoo head."
Just to sum it up.
Some people need to try and make others feel bad in order to make themselves feel good.
You are the better man, and _everyone_ knows it.

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