Friday, February 26, 2010

Happy Birthday Buddy

In the mist of current events and the busy life between home and school, I never would have thought I would forget Sean's birthday. But...I guess I did. Sorry kiddo

Up till now. When Nicole, her parents, and I are all chilling in the living room, with the TV on and talking about random thing, out of nowhere, I remembered. Tomorrow is February 27th, Sean's birthday.

He would have been 6 years old.

And thinking about his laughs make me smile. Thinking about his pain makes me thank God that Sean is no longer suffering. That somewhere up in Heaven, Sean is having the time of his life. Making friends, having fun, and so much more. But how I wish of the instead. How I wish that Sean is with us today so he can blow out 6 candles just as he blew out 5 candles the year before. How I wish he is here tonight asking for rides on my chair. How I wish to hear his laugh and chuckle as he ask me, "Wheelies? Cousin Matty?" Of course, buddy, wheelies, always.

As I think about Sean, I thought about my Uncle and Aunt. They both have been out of touch with us but I don't blame 'em. Between deployments and fighting this emotional war, I understand why they zone out from the rest of the family. They simply need time. But time, may not be the medicine they need to feel better. Sean, their son, is what they both need. And how I wish I can bring Sean back.

Because the world isn't the same without this little guy. The world will never be the same without the people we love.

Nicole and I were thinking about going to watch a movie tomorrow. We were even thinking of driving hours to the beach and just enjoy hanging out with each other. But I think, instead we're going to drive up to Duke Children's and see if we can bring some smiles to the cancer ward.

We can't hear Sean laugh and chuckle but I believe Sean would want to make sure all his fellow warriors are smiling and laughing everyday. ESPECIALLY on his birthday.

Happy birthday buddy.
Happy birthday.


HellcatBetty said...

I think that's a great way to celebrate his birthday. (hugs)

USMCWIFE said...

You honor Sean in so many shared his story with so many, and that in a way is a bit of immortality of his brave spirit. I for one will never forget his fight and thank you for sharing a small piece of him with us.

RP said...

Happy Birthday to Sean, and i am sure he would be smiling at you. A very thoughtful way of celebrating his birthday Matt, thank you for sharing..

Knuckles said...

I thought it was a good way to celebrate Sean's birthday. Overall the day was good.

Thanks guys for the comments.

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