Tuesday, March 2, 2010

We Regret to Inform...

For some reason, I'm not taking those words too hard. Guess I'm at a point where I am just sick of waiting for the colleges and even the letter of rejection makes me happy that I FINALLY heard from 'em.

You read me right, I got my first college rejection letter today. From University of Miami. It's a typical rejection letter. They tell you how "great" you are but since there's so many "great" applicants out there, they're "sorry" that you've been denied.

Miami isn't on my top 3, nor is is on my top 5. So I guess in some ways getting rejected from Miami ain't the end of the world. I just find it funny how well they put together a rejection letter and let you know you can still try to appeal this rejection. But most likely you'll probably end up getting rejected again, but hey it's worth a try.

So now that I got denied to Miami, I wonder if I should still visit...maybe I should just to go show 'em my ass and say a big SCREW YOU to 'em. Or I guess Mom and I can just enjoy Florida without trying to rush to the tours and so on.

Rejection. What a life.

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USMCWIFE said...

Totally their loss and like you said, wasn't top on list anyhow. I wouldn't even sweat it. A lot of kids want to go to that school because it is party city..you probably wouldn't have liked it anyhow..your future is written and I am sure you will get the news you want soon.

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