Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

I know I am a day early but I'll be flying home in a couple hours so I thought I'd write this now.

First off, Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers out there.

We have a Mother's Day tradition (in fact, I realized we have a lot of traditions and well, this is one of 'em) in our family.

I can remember when I was a kid, I would make the card days before Mother's Day. I would pretend that I didn't care or forgot about such Holiday. And the night before, I'd sneak the card in Mom's purse and pretend I didn't know anything about it. On the day of, if Dad is home, we'd let Mom sleep in and then make her breakfast in bed. For the rest of the day, we'd bring Mom to anywhere she'd wanted to go and we'd go out for a nice dinner. After dinner, we'd come home with a huge Tiramisu (Mom's favorite dessert) and have Mom open the Mother's Day cards while we enjoy treats and maybe watch a movie or something. If Dad wasn't home, I would still "take" Mom out and "buy" her dinner and still "buy" her that Tiramisu. I can hear myself saying, "This cake please! For my Mommy on Mother's Day! Mama...can I have money? See, mama, I bought this for you!"

Such silly thing.

As I got older, the tradition continued. No matter how busy we were with PCS or where we were in the world. We always some how find the huge piece of Tiramisu and share it as a family while Mom open up the cards we made/bought for her.

Dad seemed to have his own traditions too. On top of the Tiramisu, flowers are a must. And towards the end of the night, Dad would take Mom out for a drive. I didn't know where they were going when I was young but years later I found out Dad would drive Mom to a very special place he found and share the time with Mom.

This year, I didn't plan on doing anything different. I knew I wanted to carry on the tradition for Mom. And that maybe in Heaven, she would love our Mother's Day tradition. And just like they were reading my mind, my Grandparents told me they wanted me at their place during Mother's Day weekend. They told me they already bought the flight there and all I needed to do was pack up some of my stuff, some of Sarah's stuff, and of course take Dosh along. So yesterday, I flew down to my Grandparents'.

So, the tradition continues.

During the flight I made a Mother's Day card for Mom. After I got to my Grandparents' at the early hours of Saturday, I stopped by and see Mom and told her I decided to skip school just to come and see her. And knowing her, she would see right through me to know I'm here to continue our tradition. To my surprise, a card and some flowers were already sitting by Mom's grave. A card to "My Sweetheart. My Love. My Best Friend"

Wonder who left it...

Saturday morning at oh-bright-hundred, I woke up and made breakfast and brought it out to Mom. Sarah, Dosh, and I sat next to Mom and had our breakfast together. I told Mom about a lot of things that's on my mind and told her how much I missed her. And Sarah had that look on her face. I don't know what the look meant but...well just that look. Anyways, after helping Grandpa picked out something for Gramdma's Mother's Day gift, I went out and bought a huge piece of Tiramisu. And after dinner, I brought the Tiramisu and the card to Mom. I sat near her, ate Tiramisu, showed her the card I made her and cried.

Happy Mother's Day, Mama. Hope you enjoyed the Tiramisu. I miss you every day and over this weekend, a hell of a lot more. I love you, Mama, Happy Mother's Day

I found this comic online. I think it says a lot about all the Moms out there:

So once again, to all the Moms in the world, Happy Mother's Day.

To all the kids in the world: hug, kiss, and thank your Mom every single day. Don't wait till it's too late.


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