Thursday, May 13, 2010

A Change

This blog was written on Monday, May 10, 2010. I posted this entry after I've receive contact and permission from Mr. Michael Hyatt- CEO of Thomas Nelson Publishers- to include his name and November 29th, 2009's entry "DO YOU MAKE THESE 10 MISTAKES WHEN YOU BLOG?" on this blog entry. Thank you, Mr. Hyatt for granting me permission.

I didn't know who Mr. Michael Hyatt is before I joined Twitter. I had heard about Thomas Nelson Publishers (largest Christian publishing company in the world and the seventh largest trade book publishing company in the U.S.- (You can read and find out more about Mr. Hyatt's work, blog, and site here) but I had no idea who the CEO is. Well that is until I read a RT (Re-tweet for you people who doesn't use Twitter- which by the way why aren't you? Check out Mr. Hyatt's 12 Reasons to Start Twittering and start tweeting!) of Mr. Hyatt's tweets by one of the people that I follow.

And after several clicks, I found myself in Mr. Hyatt's blog and site and reading everything and anything I can written by Mr. Hyatt (subject varies from Leadership, to Productivity, to Publishing, Resources, and even Social Media) I was extremely intrigued by the blog posts he's written and extremely fund of his ways of sharing his leadership skills with his reader.

From that day on, I not only knew who Mr. Hyatt is, but I've subscribed to all of his blog spots through Google Reader and soon, follow him on Twitter

Over the weekend, Mr. Hyatt tweet about one of the blog he wrote back in November titled "DO YOU MAKE THESE 10 MISTAKES WHEN YOU BLOG?" I'm not sure why I missed that post but it caught my eyes and reading on about it, I realized my blog needs a change.

The 10 mistakes, Mr. Hyatt said are:
  • You don’t post enough.
  • You post too much.
  • Your post is too long.
  • You don’t invite engagement.
  • You don’t participate in the conversation.
  • You don’t make your content accessible.
  • You don’t create catchy headlines.
  • Your first paragraph is weak.
  • Your post is off-brand.
  • Your post is about YOU.
And well...I'm going to say that I've made A LOT of the 10 mistakes. In fact, I'm pretty sure I am making mistake #2 right now (Your post is too long) So, inspired by Mr. Hyatt's post, I'm going to make some changes around here. Meaning, from now on. I am going to try and make less mistakes on my posts. Wish me luck because I'm going to need it.

Thanks again, Mr. Hyatt, for letting me write about you and permitting me to talk and use your blog post "DO YOU MAKE THESE 10 MISTAKES WHEN YOU BLOG?", you truly are an inspiration, Mr. Hyatt. Thank you


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