Sunday, October 24, 2010

Week of October 24th, 2010

There are reasons why I faded away from using after I discovered

There always tends to be a few times when you are listening to a certain station (say country) and they give you something completely random and not related (like metal). Usually I have a huge on my face and that tends to get me to leave Pandora.

But last night, Pandora introduced me to Lynyrd Skynyrd. According to Wikipedia, Lynyrd Skynyrd is "an American rock band, formed in Jacksonville, Florida in 1964. The band became prominent in the Southern United States in 1973, and rose to worldwide recognition."

Edit: I should said that I HAVE heard of Skynyrd and songs like Sweet Home Alabama Guess it's cuz I posted this early in the morning and threw out my enter music library out my brain...what I meant was I haven't heard THIS song before!

I'm not a huge fan of Rock music but hey, this song ain't too bad.
Have a listen.
Lynyrd Skynyrd- Gimme Three Steps


Sespi said...

They're usually referred to as Southern Rock, which is one of the only subsets of rock that I actually like... I'm a country girl myself ;) But you'd really never heard Lynyrd Skynyrd before? Sweet Home Alabama? Freebird? If not, you should go look up those songs. Especially Freebird!

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