Wednesday, October 13, 2010

A Step Closer?

Last night, some friends were talking about height, weight, BMI, and about how healthy it is. While a person continue to believe that this person's weight is not healthy at all, the person itself disagrees. She believes that she is just where she'd like and she is ok for having her current weight and BMI.

And at one point during the discussion, she tried to make an argument of what she believed in and said, "It's not like i've got limited mobility."

I responded with:

"oh thanks, *insert person's name here* >.>"

I could not believe her response:


And like that, she laughed it off without thinking twice.
She laughed it off and acted like nothing happened.
Completely horrible choice of words but doesn't seem like she cared.

People really don't think before they speak. Maybe I should forgive her, she is only 15...or maybe I should let her know how horrible she messed up. I don't know yet...

It's the simple words and randomness that people say that gets to me.
What a horrible way to live.

Seemed like someone knew what was going on and shared an article with me. Quite frankly, it made me smile a bit. Reading this article made me wonder if we are a step closer to curing Spinal Cord Injuries. Made me wonder if soon, I can walk again. But at the same time, it kind of made me jealous of those who are able to be part of this study. There's a part of me that wish I had just gotten hurt, that way, maybe I can be part of the research too.

But like I said before, we can't always have what we want.

Whether or not we're a step closer to the cure, I don't know. But I hope so.
I hope so.

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