Friday, October 22, 2010

Cancer "Awareness"

This Monday, as soon as I got on campus, my attention got geared towards the sign they have around the trees. Turns out, this week is Breast Cancer Awareness/Memorial Week on campus. I read through the sign and sighed before going my way.

Even before class, I felt this anger, this strange pulse of frustration in me. I had to rant and out comes this message that I posted through Twitlonger.

This is a rant from the son of a cancer victim and I truly hope that people like @chemo_babe can understand my frustration. I am sorry if this rant frustrates or even anger you guys who are reading out there but someone have to say it.

This week is Breast Cancer Awareness/Memorial Week on campus. Though I am proud of all the awareness throughout the world for Breast Cancer, I am filled with sorrow and pain. If only ALL the cancer get this much awareness and "publicity" in the world. Then maybe, maybe, we can be THIS close to finding a cure to cancer. Not just Breast Cancer but CANCER.

Awareness is a powerful thing. But amongst the awareness I only see segregation. The "more men/women have this cancer so we must fund more research for this cancer" debate. The "no one ever heard of this cancer before so $*%^ having awareness" implications fill the air. Through the awareness, I see nothing but the ideas of separated but equal. As you all probably know, that does not go well whether it's regarding to race or cancer.

As the son of a victim of cancer, I feel massive pain. Beneath the awareness around the world, I see different organization trying to get more funds by pushing what cancer they wish to "cure". They have no care of other cancers around them and it's as if that cancer is the only one in the entire world. Again, separate but equal.

I understand that no one cancer react the same way to another. And like the flu, cancer affect everyone differently. But really, I am sure many can tell that there are more cancers than what is known to the mass population. How come people only hear about the few cancers? Awareness, "publicity". Separate but equal?

As I go around campus this week, I will truly be proud of the world for such awareness for Breast Cancer. But it is also in the deepest part of my heart that I hope one day, no one cancer gets more "publicity" than another. Brain Cancer, Ovarian Cancer, Pancreatic Cancer, Childhood Cancer and Colon Cancer all stand alike. We stand to find a cure. A cure to ALL cancers. Together and equal.

They say #beatcancer and not #beatbreastcancer or #beatpancreaticcancer

It's #beatcancer

Together, equal, we shall find a cure. #beatcancer

Dedicated to all those affected by cancer, any form of cancer.
Special shout out to Mom, we miss your smile and the way you brighten up a room. Some day, Mama, we'll #beatcancer I love you.


That's exactly how I felt. Frustrated.
Awareness have turned into an type of campaign ad. A way for companies to sell their product simply by putting a pink ribbon on something.


I still feel very frustrated. It's something I wish I can change but know it's nearly impossible.

Talking with my Twitter friend @chemo_babe, she informed me that my rant was "really an important rant!" and truly, I'm glad she think so. I'm already getting a bunch of mail from anonymous telling me I did wrong. (Which brings me to another point, if you think I did wrong, at least have the guts to tell me who you are, not hide behind some anonymous mail)

Yesterday, @chemo_babe wrote a post on her blog about What Is Awareness, have a read and think about what you, as a consumer, is actually doing by buying things pink.

Every day this week, I went out to our secret spot, sat in my car and thought about Mom, about cancer, about life, and what's beyond it. I talked to Mom for the longest time, hoping that with the help of God and her, I can find peace in this crazy world.

Hopefully I can...sometimes soon.
Happy Friday, guys, hope you guys got fun things planned for the weekend.


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