Friday, November 6, 2009

God Must be Busy but I Saw God Today

Every time I hear the song "God Must be Busy" by Brooks&Dunn, it tends to stop me where I am and make me think. Of all the things that happen in the world, really, this song is amazing.

Just listen for yourself:

That being said, I think this is just the week when everything in the nation gone wrong. With the tragedy at Ft. Hood, I'm sure no one thought would be worse. But just next day, there were another tragedy at Orlando and really, while there were craziness, panic, and fear, all these incidents made me think of the song. Made me thought of the lyrics:

God must be busy.

God really must be busy this week.

My hearts and prayer goes out to the families involved in both incident. We are still trying to find out if two families we know are doing okay. Truly praying that they are.

And even in the mist of all the craziness, there is miracle and peace. Mom gave birth to Sarah Jadira (meaning deserves touch) around 1730 on Thursday. Truly in the mist of crazy news about Ft. Hood, we are extremely glad (and happy) to have Sarah join our family. And seeing Sarah with Mom and Dad (who got home late Wednesday night, I didn't see him till Thursday morning. I love my Dad really, but starting to be sick of all the mystery his job entails) reminded me of George Strait's "I Saw God Today" This truly is the miracle of life.

Sarah is a healthy baby (weighed at about 6lbs at birth, small but we love her anyways) and cute little girl (though I must say all babies look the same to me, ha) so far she's been pretty quiet and sure hope she keeps it that way, haha :P

Thanks for everyone's congrats wishes and those who offered to make food for our family. If you really insist (and live nearby, really friends from Twitter, we appreciate the offer but that's too much trouble for you guys who live miles and miles away. Appreciate the offer though :D) please drop the food right outside our front door. We can't thank you guys enough for thinking of us during this crazy yet wonderful time :)

This is the start of a great and long journey, Mom's glad that she "popped" and well, Dad and I are both glad that both her and Sarah are healthy and well. Mom and Sarah should be home Sunday or Monday and then it's onto the sleep deprived moments of life!

If I haven't mentioned it before, majority of the nights will be my job to take care of when Sarah is hungry. My parents are in charge of the diaper duty- since I can't exactly reach the changing station- and during the day my parents will be taking care of Sarah while I'm at school. Dad will be home till his paternity leave (thanks Army) ends and most likely couple days after that before heading back to work. While Mom will be home for her maternity leave for I believe 6 weeks? We're still not sure what to do after that but I'm sure my parents will come up with something soon.

I will post pictures as soon as I can. There are craziness in the family between the birth of Sarah and finding out if our family friends are ok at Ft. Hood. So it might take awhile but hopefully some times soon.

Thanks again everyone :)

This week's football. Sarah's "first" football weekend! Note: Winning team is in bold.

Texas Tech- Bye Week

UMiami vs Virginia- 52-17
Michigan vs Purdue- 38-36

Maryland at NC State- 38-31

Texas A&M at Colorado- 35-34

Navy at Notre Dame- 23-21

Army at Air Force- 35-7 Can't believe how bad we got creamed :(
Washington at UCLA- 24-23
Alabama vs LSU- 24-15, BAMA!
Ohio St at Penn St- 24-7
Oregon at Stanford- 51-42

Virginia Military Institute at Liberty- 54-14
Cal vs Oregon State- 31-14

Florida vs Vanderbilt- 27-3

Oklahoma at Nebraska- 10-3
USC at Arizona St- 14-9


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