Saturday, November 21, 2009

Baby Busy Life

For those of you who have been wondering why I haven't blog as often as I used to, sorry to disappoint you, my life (our lives) have been pretty busy lately with Sarah and other things going on in our lives.

School have been pretty busy especially with the semester coming to an end. So there are homework that needs to be done, tests that need to be studied and not to mention the SAT subject tests I'm taking in December.

So, yes, my life is been pretty busy right now so I won't blog as much as I did before, but I will always try and squeeze in a few tweets here and there :)

As far as Thanksgiving plans go, though our family tradition is to go to my grandparents ranch and enjoy Thanksgiving dinner, sometimes, they like to mix it up a little. Like this year, the grandparents decided it would be great to fly out to California and spend Thanksgiving there! (If you think I sounded sarcastic, I am) I love my grandparents but really, sometimes I can't help but wonder about how crazy they truly are. So the plan is for everyone who can be home for Thanksgiving (sorry to those who are deployed, we love you guys, really) are flying out to California and we are having our dinner there.

That plan sounds great but wait...we have Sarah, she'll be 2.5 weeks old next week. Is she really okay to fly? According to Mom, she should be okay (other than the crying during air pressure change) but at this point I am truly wonder what my grandparents were thinking (or weren't thinking)

I manage to get us tickets to fly out to California so hopefully it's going to be a good Thanksgiving.

Hope everyone is well and I shall blog whenever I can. Truly hope December gets here quick, I need to get this SAT and finals over with. (Not to mention the result of those college applications too)

This week's football:
Winning team is in bold

USC- Bye Week
Washington- Bye Week
Navy- Bye Week

Ohio St at Michigan, 21-10
Maryland at Florida St, 29-26
Duke at UMiami, 34-16

Chattanooga at Alabama, 45-0

Florida Intl. at Florida, 62-3
Oklahoma at Texas Tech, 41-13

Virginia Military Institute vs Old Dominion, 42-35

Air Force at BYU, 38-21
Baylor at Texas A&M, 38-3
LSU at Ole Miss, 25-23

Army at North Texas, 17-13


Oregon at Arizona, 44-41, 2OT, freaking amazing game!!!


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